Monday, December 29, 2008

Gundam 00 Season 2: Episode 13

Some spoilers of key points


I'm not feeling very well, so no summary. Although I'll list some things:

- Marie tells Saji she knows Louise and confirms that she's a pilot.
- Seems like Sumeragi relied on Marie's psychic abilities.
- Tieria called Lyle "Lockon" and Lyle says that he will try and live up to that name.
- They destroyed Momento Mori, and Lindt died.
- Nena helped out Setsuna. Wonder if she'll switch sides at some point.
- This new dude Hercule knows Sergei.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Gundam 00 Season 2: Episode 12

Spoilers, as always.

- I'm not good at summarizing battles, so I won't.
- Ribbons backhands Wang!
- That was nice of Allelujah to call the bridge to let Milenia know that Linda was okay.
- Great, so now Louise thinks that Saji joined CB waaaay back and has been with them for these last four or five years.
- Looks like Ian will be fine.
- And now Saji's punching Setsuna.
- Andrei confronts Louise about the battle, and tells her that he knows that she knows someone with CB.
-Saji almost steals the 00 Raiser to run away and find Louise. She, meanwhile, deletes all her photos of them together. I like the piano version of "Prototype." This episode was kind of boring, though. :(

Monday, December 15, 2008

Gundam 00 Season 2: Episode 11

Oops, I forgot to post this!


Marina plays Santa Claus with the children. Sergei's alive! :) Tieria's hair is magically short again, just as it was magically long. Thanks, GN particles. Sumeragi questions Lasse about his health, because apparently he ain't doing so well. News to us too, Sumeragi. Tieria starts to tell everyone that he's an Innovator too, but Sumeragi grabs him by the shoulder to cut him off. She tells him that he's there comrade. Marina plays the piano with the children. Next week, she'll sing "Fields of Hope." Louise sees Barack-not-Obama's picture of his wife. She apparently died. And the death flags were raised for him too. Lyle flirts with Anew, who will be joining them on the ship. I don't really want Anew x Lyle, kthanx. Marie senses a Newtype flash, not it was not meant for her, it was meant for Anew. There are other people in Celestial Being? WTF? The base is populated with them! Okay, Linda is not joining the ship. I got that wrong again. I thought that she would be the one in the family to die, but then Ian ends up getting injured. Saji, along with his new buddy magenta Haro, goes to find him, and Ian's like, "You, 00 Raiser!" So Saji obliges and everyone's thinks WTF? He meets up with Setsuna, and then Setsuna kills Barack-not-Obama. Epilogue: I CAN SEE TIME, SETSUNA. Actually, Setsuna somehow got mixed up in Saji and Louise's nekkid psychedelic Newtype dream sequence. Now Saji knows that Louise is with the A-LAWS and she knows with with CB.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Gundam 00 Season 2: Episode 10

SPOILERS, as always

So Sumeragi to become a tactical strategist in order to stop wars. And like Murrue and Natarle, Kati hopes that they won't become enemies. Oopsies. What is Seel? Marina angsts for Setsuna, and Kati worries about Sumeragi. EMILIO!! :( Loved the part with Patrick, though. Marie has Newtype flash! Tieria's randomly on the bridge since he's Gundam wasn't ready. And LOLz, the video I'm watching left in the Fullmetal Alchemist trailer. And Roy is drawn more in the manga style (i.e. the non hot style). WHY DO THEY DO THIS TO YOU ROY. Meanwhile, the Ptolemy goes to the secret base and the crew meets Linda. So she wasn't in the background of episode 1. Allelujah says that it's a crime that Ian's wife is so young. They also meet Anew, who was sent to them by Wang. In other words, I don't trust her. (I'm assuming that even though Anew looks like an Innovator, she identifies with being female, like Tieria identifies with being male). And apparently she is super good at a lot of stuff. Marie and Saji have a talk, and then it cuts to Louise freaking out. LOL at Patrick and the popping up behind Kati. :) Ali and Nena have a confrontation! And then Ali goes to speak with Ribbons. Epilogue: Eek, hope that Sergei's okay, although I doubt it. SPARKLIES. The Sparklies bother Tieria in the shower. And cause Hallelujah to return!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Gundam 00 Season 2: Episode 9


Quick question Am I the only one that doesn't like Ali? Now he's busting up my Tieria! Luckily, Sumeragi sends Allelujah and Lyle to help out. Tieria's pissed he didn't get to kill Ali. INNOVATORS. Andrei does some research on Louise. Sumeragi says, "Based on my estimation, it's about time we headed back to space, like practically every other Gundam series." Setsuna tells Saji that he saw Louise. Tieria tells Lyle that Ali killed Neil, and Lyle asks for the details. I'm hoping that he plans Ali's death out a little more carefully than Neil did. Revive agrees with Kati's plan, and Lindt is pissed. Hmm, seems while Lyle respects Neil's decision to take revenge, he doesn't plan on avenging their family's death. Setsuna reveals that he used to belong to the same terrorist organization, and could have stopped the suicide bomber from blowing up the mall that the Dylandys were at. Seems Lyle is more worried about stopping the terrorists from killing more people than avenging the past. This makes Tieria upset. LOL, Billy almost called Mister Bushido Graham. Then he tells him to destroy Celestial Being for him, BECAUSE THEY TOOK AWAY HIS SUMERAGI. Meanwhile, Tieria stares at the window, waiting for Neil, the Ghost of Christmas Past, to return. Marie joins the bridge bunnies for battle, along with Saji. And then, they have a battle while going to space. Kati is so impressed, she sends Sumeragi a text message. Feldt reads it out loud, and Sumeragi (or should I say Leesa Kujo) now knows that Kati's with A-LAWS. We get a few flashbacks to young!Leesa, young!Billy, and young!Kati. Epilogue: Seems Ian's wife Linda is also a scientist. Preview: Linda joins the crew (I swore I saw her in the background of episode 1, but oh well), and there's also someone with lavender hair. Speaking of hair, Tieria gets a shower scene - with long hair.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Gundam 00 Season 2: Episode 8



Oh crap, Regene is inside Tieria head. Neeeeewtypes! Ribbons is not happy. Saji misses Louise. Lasse asks if it's okay that Marie stays on the ship, and Sumeragi's like, I did a background check, fool! And she's Allelujah's "reason for fighting." Millenia just kind of pops in there, LOLZ. This girl is wack. Lyle worries about Kataron. Marina hangs out with the children. HOLY CRAP BALLS, Tieria see Neil in the reflection in the glass, and vision speaks! Tieria's like WTF? LOLZ. It's the ghost of Christmas Past! Feldt kind flies off the handle and is upset that Marie is staying with them. Kati seems suspicious of Soma's "death." PATRICK!!! TAISAAAAAAAA~~~ Gotta love him. Revive is also joining A-LAWS. Oh yeah, those space elevators. They were important, weren't they? Allelujah tells Feldt WE ARE FAMILY! Kati is pissed that Patrick joined A-LAWS. She's worried about him, aww. He joined to protect her, and he has fought the Gundams SEVEN TIMES and survived. He's all like, "I'm the Immortal Colasaur" and I'm like DON'T MAKE PROMISES YOU CAN'T KEEP, PATRICK. Meanwhile, Wang sends a message to the Ptlomey telling them about this awesome A-LAWS party. Tieria says"PICK ME PICK ME." Setsuna says he'll be back up. Good thing that he's only back up, because he's really back about going undercover. Sumeragi's hee hee, going to turn Tieria into a woman! Turns out that Rengene had Wang call them. Feldt apologizes to Marie. Wang gets to the party and thinks LOLz, Sumeragi made Tieria dress like a woman. Lousie chats up Ribbons, who is dressed up like Thomas Jefferson. Andrei is Louise's escort and looking fine. OMG, TIERIA'S FEMALE VOICE. I'm 99% that's Sumeragi's seiyuu. Ribbons asks for a dance, and Tieria switches to his normal male voice, and says, "Everyone knows that the meisters are male. I'm just following my tactical forecasters instructors." I love you, Sumeragi. Meanwhile, Louise has a Newtype flash and meets up with Setsuna in the parking lot. And magically, they remember each other. He tells her that Saji still thinks of her. Then she flips out. Billy comes out and sees Setsuna trying to comfort, and then we get ANGRY BILLY, still mad at him for stealing Sumeragi away and RUINING HIS LIFE. Meanwhile, Ribbons is trying to get Tieria to join THE DARK SIDE. It totally sounds like "Duel of the Fates" from Star Wars is playing. Tieria goes to shoot Ribbons (love where he was keeping the gun), but hits the mirror. Hilling Care shows up, and Tieria jumps out the window. Billy calls the security on Setsuna, who runs away. Andrei tries to comfort Louise, who tries to take her druggie pills. Regene's wearing a suit. LOLz. Epilogue: While in Gundams, returning to the ship, Tieria and Setsuna run into Ali!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Gundam 00 Season 2: Episode 7

This is a day late, due to late subs. I could attempt to watch it raw, but my Japanese is worse than the subbers, I hope.


There are MAJOR MAJOR spoilers.

Mister Bushido's first name is Mister. Yay, Sumeragi's awake. Kati's afraid of explaining to Sergei that she lost his daughter. Meanwhile on the island (are they on an island? I'm going to say yes), Soma and Allelujah roll around on the ground (reenacting a certain scene from a certain other Gundam series - only with less crabs). I wish that people would stop calling each other by their full names every time they see each other. Yay, random tent and sleeping bags! I sense telenovela music. Allelujah and Soma (or should I say Marie?) discuss things in their pasts. And get touchy feely. Okay, Allelujah and Hallelujah merged into one, but did Soma and Marie? Because I think that the personality issues should be rectified. I was really liking Soma this season, but it seems as if Marie has taken over completely. Uh oh, Daddy's come to save you! Meanwhile, Klaus and Shirin meet up with a bearded dude that I swear looks like a celebrity in real life. Back on the island, Sergei wants to kill Allelujah, but Marie pulls a Pocahontas. Sergei decides to tell the higher ups that Soma died, and lets Marie stay with Allelujah. And now a musical montage of Soma and Sergei, with song by Tommy heavenly6. Sergei signals Lyle, who finds Allelujah and Marie kissing. Epilogue: Setsuna smiled. Saji noticed and had to point it out. The bridge crew is surprised that Allelujah is coming back with a girlfriend. Meanwhile, Tieria meets Regene and is like HOLY SHIT, YOU LOOK LIKE ME. Preview: Libonze gets ready to party, Allejulah and Marie blush, Tieria traps it up in drag (Laura Rolla?)!!

Some non-summary thoughts: Now, I totally am a romance fan, and I do like romance in my Gundam, but Allelujah and Marie's relationship is waaaaay too rushed. I assumed that they would become canon (and I do like them together), but not that fast. The last time that they actually spent time together was when they were kids, right? Knowing Sunrise, this speed is unfortunately raising death flags.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Gundam 00 Season 2: Episode 6


Poor Kataron. The kids are still alive, though. Saji's all your fault Ryu died. At least he isn't still wandering the desert. Meanwhile, Sumeragi's tripping and we get a flashback (where, strangely, she has her current hairstyle) of what happened to her boyfriend, Emilio. *sniff* Then she faints. Tieria Bright slaps Saji. Setsuna comes in and is like, why is this dude crying on the floor. Kati is going to choke a bitch and that bitch is Swiss Candyman. Seems that she was involved in the Emilio incident. Meanwhile, Shirin and Marina get there lesbian selves on in a dark warehouse. Is Wang suggesting that Nena's a Newtype? Hong Rong is Wang's brother? WTF? MOAR Sumeragi flashblacks (this time her hair's in a bun): seems that plan ended up causing friendly fire and therefore Emilio's death. Turns out that she was working with Kati back then... and Kati now realizing that Sumeragi's working with Celestial Being. Now some Soma and Sergei time. Flashback~~ Soma stole Tieria's sweater! Sergei's tie in this scene, wow. Back to present day: DUDE, Lindt slapped Sergei. Dude. Once again, however, I draw parallels to Zeta Gundam and the Titans. Hi, Barack, not Obama. I like that Allelujah's worried about Sumeragi. Soma's like, Louise I used my Newtype powers to read your mind and you still like Saji! Andrei's like, I love you, Louise. Graham is like, "I'M AN ARMY OF ONE." YUU HABU KONTORORU DESU. Kati noticed that this battle's plan is very un-Sumeragi. I've said this before, but Sumeragi and Kati remind me of Murrue and Natarle from Gundam SEED. Saji decides that he wants to help out, but he can't. If he did fire, he would have killed Louise, ironically. Preview: Looks like Allelujah and Soma crash land somewhere. Where have I seen this before? Oh right: with Cagalli and Athrun in Gundam SEED. And heck, Shinn and Stellar in Gundam SEED Destiny (although there was no crashing there, just jumping off a cliff into the ocean).

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Gundam 00 Season 2: Episode 5


Revive Rivival's debut! And speaking of revival... Ali's alive. Grrr. I never liked him, and I don't understand why he's allowed to come back from the dead while characters are not allowed to (let's not argue about this, though). I see that some subbers are translating "Kataron" as Catalan, but Catalan is a real group of people... so I'll continue to use "Kataron". Saji's being handed over to Kataron. And now, random children! Every Gundam series needs random children! Meanwhile, Graham, er, MISTAA BUSHIDO explains to Kati that he can do what ever he wants. Sergei checks in on Soma and asks about Andrei, and Soma tells him that he can be her daddy. Aww. :) Marina plays with the children, and helps out that shy one (it says "disliked" on the wall above his head!). Setsuna watches and remembers his mother. Tieria tells a joke! Saji drives in the desert. Hmmm... reminds me of Mobile Suit Gundam, LOL. Then he gets picked up by the Feddies and punched. Sergei steps in. I think that the A-LAWS = Titans. There are many parallels. Meanwhile, Andrei is bitter and Wang looks better than she was so far this season. The A-LAWS massacre the Kataron base, and Lyle loses his cool while fighting Soma. Epilogue: Setsuna flies Marina back home, and sees the country in ruins. And it's Ali's fault. Preview: Everyone's hearts are broken. I want to know whose hands those are, with the blue sleeves.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Gundam 00 Season 2: Episode 4


Some is the one that gave Allelujah his name, so she's the one to blame for it's strangness. Ian's daughter (Millenia?) asks if Setsuna and Marina are lovers, and they're both like "no." In denial, I see, LOL. Feldt's spying on Lyle. Haro like "Feldt likes Lockon!" Lyle decides, hey I'll take you and kisses her, but Feldt slaps him. He's being cruel to her, but he tells Haro it's to make her realize he's not Neil. Lyle's tired of being compared to Neil, and I think that it also makes him a little sad. Meanwhile, Allelujah's like "Let's get drunk, Sumeragi!" If he didn't already have Soma, I'd think he liked her. MISTAA BUSHIDO. For realz. Other masked man had, you know, actual aliases, but Graham is MISTAA BUSHIDO. Also, I realized that Andrei is voiced by Sai from Gundam SEED. Shirin wants to join the troops to look for Marina, and Marina wants Setsuna to come back with her. Ian put Saji to work. Allelujah confides in Sumeragi that he wants to find Soma/Marie, but she reminds him that she is the enemy. Sumeragi tells Allelujah that she doesn't know what she's fighting for. Grr, I still want them to reveal what horrible thing she did in her past. So Hallelujah is gone, it seems. Sumeragi angsts with her CB photo again, and mentions an Emilio, who was according to some official source out there, was a former boyfriend of hers. I sense a rivalry forming between Sumeragi and Kati (Murrue and Natarle, anyone?) Although Sumeragi made it to the bridge and kicked ass. IT'S A GUNDAM! Dude, I think we all know that Mister Bushido is Graham. Marina and Shirin reunion! After the ED: Billy gets his revenge on Sumeragi by joining A-LAWS. Meanwhile, her uniform doesn't fit her, LOL (I will be cosplaying the uniform that does fit her, as seen in the OP, sorry guys). Billy's like REVENGE. Preview: Things get blown up.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Gundam 00 Season 2: Episode 3


Poor Marina's being interrogated. I love the name of the episode. "Allelujah Rescue Mission." Look, it's Obama! ...and he's talking to Amuro Libbonz (and yes, he will always sound like Amuro to me...) Soma goes to Allelujah's cell, and he's like "Hi, Marie!" She's like, WTF, no! I like Soma better this season... Lyle called Tieria cute, LOL. Feldt is sad, Sumeragi angsts in her room with beer cans, gazing at a photo of the old CB. Soma and Sergei are still in contact, despite her transfer to A-LAWS. Luckily, news that Allelujah's been found gets Sumeragi to come out of her room. Does she had a fridge in her room full of beer? At least she made them a mission plan. Tieria's kind of, "BTW, Setsuna, but your potential love interest Marina is also being held in prison." Lyle is already bonding with Haro. Turns out that Lyle is a pretty good shot, of course. Yay, Allelujah! The new Ptolemais can go under water... where have I seen that before? Allelujah has the panda eyes, but his words make Soma flashback to the days when she was called Marie. Setsuna saves Marina. It seems that Lyle let Kataron in on the mission... perhaps they will be allies with CB? I really like the ending theme, but don't like that they show it before the actual end of the episode. The scene with Allelujah and Tieria with the coffee was really nice. Although when Lyle walked in, Allelujah was all "Lockon, WTF?" Then Marina and Setsuna have a scene. Preview: Lyle puts the moves on Feldt. Wonder what Allelujah and Sumeragi (still not in uniform) are talking about (yes, I have vested interest in Sumeragi, but that's because I'm cosplaying as her and I need her in the uniform!).

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Gundam 00 Season 2: Episode 2


Gundam 00 Season 2, Episode 2

Lyle calls Neil his "nii-san." Lyle didn't know Neil's dead. :( Kati is surprised to see Soma, and that she's joined A-LAWS. There is a "red" Haro now. Sumeragi's pouring herself another one, but Billy takes it from her and complains about having to care for her. Then she saids, "See you, Billy. Thanks for the last two years, good-bye." He tells her to wait, calling her "Kujou," that he didn't mean it that way, and then Setsuna rings the doorbell. Billy is surprised that she told someone about this place. Billy seems to think that Setsuna will cheer her up, and wants to invite him to dinner. Setsuna uses her codename, and spills CB secrets. Good one, Setsuna. He does it so that she has nowhere to hide. Saji learns that it was the Thrones that attacked Louise's family. Sumeragi doesn't want to go back to CB, so Setsuna holds her by the wrist to make sure that she does. They meet with Lyle, and Sumeragi's like WTF? Setsuna starts to introduce him as Lyle, but then Lyle interrupts and calls himself Lockon. At least she knows that he's Neil's brother. Marina gets arrested! Hong Rong! It's been a long time. Nena calls Wang "Ojou-sama." Meanwhile, Loran Regene and Amuro Libonze bring back 1960's and '70's fashion. Saji wears his ring on a necklace. Epic battle timez! We are Gundam! The ending sequence is depressing as all get out, but I love the song! ... but wait, there's more again - They welcome back Sumeragi. And then they all see Lockon (they includes orange Haro!) But Sumeragi tells them it's Neil's younger brother. Angry Billy is angry. And drunk. Preview: Time to rescue Allelujah... who is calling Soma's real name... Marie.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Gundam 00 Season 2: Episode 1


These are my thoughts as I watched it. Some will not make sense, sorry, LOL. I'm crazy like that.

It seems that most people are numbering back at one, so I will too. First people with lines - Shirin and Klaus. Klaus is a new character, and Shirin is now Lara Croft, Tomb Raider. Sergei lives in a pretty posh house. Nice sweater! He's on the phone with Kati, hmm. As for the answer that he's looking for from Soma, my guess is that he's asked her to join the military again. Let's not get any wild ideas. I wonder why Ian's letting his daughter be part of the crew. Yay, Tieria! :D Look, Louise! Yay, Setsuna! Saji gets attacked by a spider bot! Setsuna and Saji remember each other. Louise: MY BRAIN, IT BLEEDS. Tieria comes to save Setsuna! Yay, Feldt! Yay, Lasse! Saji wants to kill Setsuna, for revenge for his sister and Louise's hand family. Louise is a druggie. Amuro Livonze and Regene's outfits remind of a cult. The last four years have not been good to Wang, and why is she working with them? Sumeragi is in Billy's bed. Maked Man is definitely Graham. Andrei is hot. And is here to pick Soma up. It seems that he and Sergei are estranged. Allelujah is Hannibal Lecter, and now OP. The younger versions of the meisters, plus podchildren! Tieria is a clone, I say! Christina and Litchy are in the OP, plus Neil. STOP PLAYING WITH MY MIND. Are Shirin and Klaus going to be a pairing? Sumeragi in a very purple uniform! So she comes back. SARAH PALIN! Er, Kati. La la la, oh look, there's more! Setsuna finds Lyle, a smoker (ew) and totally says - YOU!! COME WITH ME!! Lyle actually says "HOMELAND SECURITY?!" ROFL. Preview: Sestuna comes to Sumeragi and Billy's house to kidnap Sumeragi. Er, ask Sumeragi to be a captain again.

Monday, September 1, 2008

I'm Not Dead

Yeah, I didn't update when I was in Japan. I was lazy.

And don't ask me about Japan. You don't want to know.

Let us take time to mourn the loss of Gunota. They say that there is other places for Gundam news. What other place? I don't understand.... *sniff*

Anyway, this blog will once again become active when the second season of Gundam 00 starts up again on October 5th. I could blog about the trailers, but I'm a lazy bum with unpopular opinions. And besides, you all seem to like my episode summaries/commentaries best anyway.

Peace out,

Thursday, June 19, 2008

My name is...

Okay, this isn't a fandom rant, but rather a personal one.

I am sick of people spelling my name wrong. :(

Now, my last name, I can understand, although it's annoying. But it's my first name.

K-R-I-S-T-E-N. Kristen.

Not Kristin.
Not Christin.
Not Christen.

I also end up getting called "Christine" and "Christina" half the time (if someone accidentally spells it "Cristina", I'm not as picky, as it's my Spanish name).

And when it comes to my last name, remember that copy and paste is your friend.

ETA: My name is not Kirsten either, although I do own the American Girl doll.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fanime 2008 Pic Spam

For Fanime 2008, I cosplayed as Murrue Ramius from Gundam SEED. I met a bunch of new friends at the Gundam gathering. As my blog entries have been slow lately, here's a few photos to tide you over until I go to Japan!

Ani and I did a mini shoot outside.

And now I'll be vain and post the photos of me that she took.

After the gathering, some of us did a mini shoot with winterwish (Found these photos on Flickr)

At the Gundam Gathering:

Strange crossover with a Zeon flag...

Tieria and Lockon (Gundam 00)

Tieria and Lockon (Gundam 00)

We played tossing the Haro while we waited.

YouTube is embedded now!

Lockon and Allelujah (Gundam 00); Gato, Kou (Gundam 0083); Setsuna (Gundam 00); Lacus (Gundam SEED)

Lockon, Allelujah (Gundam 00); Gato, Kou (Gundam 0083)

Lockon, Allelujah (Gundam 00); Gato, Kou (Gundam 0083)

Allelujah (Gundam 00); Gato and Kou (Gundam 0083); Lacus (Gundam SEED)

Lockon, Feldt, Allelujah, Lockon, Setsuna, Tieria (Gundam 00)

Lockon, Feldt, Allelujah, Lockon, Setsuna, Tieria (Gundam 00)

Kou (Gundam 0083); Amuro (Mobile Suit Gundam); Maureen (Blue Destiny); Sayla (Mobile Suit Gundam)

Me as Murrue, Lacus (Gundam SEED) and yeah, Chibi actually took this picture. But no my camera.

Me as Murrue, Lacus (Gundam SEED)

Tieria mirror!

Gato (Gundam 0083); Garma (Mobile Suit Gundam)

Garma (Mobile Suit Gundam); Maureen (Blue Destiny); Amuro and Sayla (Mobile Suit Gundam); Kou and Gato (Gundam 0083)

Stupid Sexy Lockon!

Heero (Gundam Wing); Feldt, Lockon, Allelujah, Tieria, Lockon, Setsuna (Gundam 00)

Gilbert, Stellar, Lacus, Cagalli (Gundam SEED Destiny)

Tieria, Lockon, Feldt, Louise (Gundam 00)

Kou takes on Gato with a Yoko's (Gurren Lagann) gun (Gundam 0083)

Cutting Setsuna's hair (Gundam 00)

These are the photos that my friend took of the Gundam group on her camera. I'm too lazy to label everyone in these photos, LOL.

My stupid belt rode up underneath my boobs... oops.

(Last one found on twfeline's account)

And holy crap, it's the 82 dollar Gundam I bought!

Why didn't she come to Fanime? *cries*

Kotono Mitsuishi was at Animazement this weekend. I wish that she was at Fanime. She's Murrue's voice actress, and it totally would have been awesome to meet her (especially while cosplaying Murrue). Keiko Han (Lalah's voice actress) and Mitsuo Fukuda (the director of Gundam SEED and Gundam SEED Destiny) were there too. Apparently, very few people attended the panel.

I found a transcription of the Gundam panel here, but I'll copy the important parts here:

For Kotono Mitsuishi, she talked about her role as Murrue Ramius and the pink Haro. Mitsuishi talked about how Ramius was a female captain and she wasn’t sure how to perform the role, but she was glad to find out that Ramius was a strong but delicate person. It was challenging and interesting. She also recalled meeting Fukuda in Dendou and how he told her that she may be called in again to do a captain role. Then Mitsuishi recalled her first meeting with Keiko Han being an older sister figure (not quite like mom, but).

Q2: Are there any plans to continue the Seed series?

MF: I can’t say there are no plans, but there is nothing official right now about that.


I'm thinking that maybe the SEED movie isn't going to happen. Oh well.

Q3: Why did you choose Mitsuishi for the voice over for the previews?

MF: I can’t remember how it went but Morosawa (writer) was the person writing the previews. One of the rule for the preview is that they have to have the “gundam” phrase in every one of them. It was tough for her (Morosawa is the wife) to do that.

Q3: So why did you choose Mitsuishi…

MF: Captain Ramius… In Dendou, the character Vega was captain for a short time. I thought she would be good for that role. After that I thought she would be perfect for Ramius. It also just happened the role for the captain does the voiceover.

Q5: Can you do the Ramius line where you launch the Archangel?

KM: "All hands to battle stations, Archangel hasshin!"

Q8: I think Seed is the first Gundam series with a female captain of a ship. Was it intentional and are you aware you are laying the groundwork for future female captains?

MF: It’s not a big deal these days. After seeing Captain Janeway from Star Trek Voyager, I thought you can do a female captain just fine. That is how I decided how it would work in Seed.

MF: “I like Star Trek Old Series.”


You can read the rest of the interview at the link I posted above.

But seriously, she should have come to Fanime instead. *cries*

Fanime Photos coming soon!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Oh wow, an update

Not much going on in the Gundam world at this moment, so I much to blog about at the moment.

Heads up, I'm going to study abroad in Japan for a month this summer, so I'll probably doing some blogging on that.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Gundam 00 Has Been Licensed for North America

Source: Gunota Headlines, Gundam Official

The title says it all.

Personally, I like that it's been licensed. Because it means that I can own the official DVDs. Say what you will, but that's how I roll.

Meanwhile, there is wank on one of the Gundam 00 LJ comms. You know which one.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Gundam 00: Episode 25 (Season Finale)

Oops, meant to have this up sooner!


In order of the episode:

Allelujah and Hallelujah merge - very interesting. Soma gets her Newtype on and fights H/Allelujah. And damn, she got him good. What is is with having characters have their right eye injured? Soma sure cares about Sergei... a little too much. And I think he agrees. H/Allelujah recognizes Soma as Mari. SEXY BEAAAAM. Okay, it's probably "Marie", not Mari Yaguchi from Morning Musume (famous for her "Sexy Beam" dance move in "Koi no Dance Site"). OH MY GOD, Alejandro's MA has a MS hidden in the center. But Setsuna owned him. And Libonze owned him too. A new challenger has arrived! GRAHAM. With his obsessions and loves, LOL. AND THEN THEY PWNED EACH OTHER. dfhssdf Angst timez now. Setsuna sends Marina a letter. I really wish that they had built up a relationship between the two of them before this. Poor Marina really didn't play as major a role as she should. AND NOW A TIME JUMP. Four years later... I HATE TIME JUMPS. I REALLY DO. Okay, I'm fine with the other time gaps in between other Gundam series (i.e. between Mobile Suit Gundam and Zeta Gundam and Gundam SEED and Gundam SEED Destiny) but I'm totally not digging this four year time jump at all. It's what ruined Gurren Lagann for me. Well, that and something I don't mention in order not to spoil that series. I don't like that Louise and Saji haven't spoken in two years. Marina's adviser, Shirin, has longer hair and is leaving. And then creepy Amuro Libonze, which his creepy Libonze clones. And Graham, with the by far, ugliest Gundam Mask I have ever seen. And I have seen them all. I'M AM PISSED. IT SEEMS THAT ALI IS ALIVE. HOW UNFAIR. Talk about ruining sacrifices. THIS BETTER MEAN THAT LOCKON'S ALIVE TOO. And now fembot Tieria, with his new Lockon haircut. And Louise. That snort didn't sound like Romi Paku, like everyone seems to think, and I can tell her voice from her grunts. So I don't think that was the female version of Tieria. But I might be wrong. And if he is being voiced by Romi Paku, well then, hello Laura Rolla. The Supreme Trap. Now Ian and Wong. And the O Gundam. AM I the only one who is reminded of "The O" (Paptimus' mobile suit from Zeta). I mean in terms of name only, not looks, but the name is similar (well, so is The Big O. But that's not a Gundam series). Look, it's Nena. 00 Gundam! Wee. That set up at the very end wasn't too bad. But I still hate time jumps.

Overall opinion on season 1: It had it's ups and downs. I particularly didn't like the beginning, nor the end. The middle was good. I felt that too many characters were introduced and then not properly dealt with. I'm hoping that there will not be an onslaught of new characters in the second season. I also didn't like the time jump (duh) and I don't think that it's necessary, based off of the preview we saw (I'm not counting that as a denouement, but more as a preview). I could be wrong, though. And I obviously think that Lockon should be brought back, but I unfortunately doubt that. I hope that the other meisters are back for sure, at least.

A rumor: Other people have pointed out that maybe it's not that Neil is dead, but that he will never be "Lockon" (i.e. a pilot, probably, or doesn't use his code name) again, and that while they are pounding into our heads that Lockon is dead, he might be alive, as Neil. I like this theory. :)

Saturday, March 29, 2008

A quick rant

My thoughts on Gundam 00: Episode 25 will be posted once I watched it subbed. And yes, I'm watching it subbed. This somewhat pertains to my post here.

First of all, I don't claim to be fluent in Japanese. I've studied it for four, almost five years, but I do not consider myself fluent. That's why I watched subtitled anime. Sure, I can get the gist of what's being said, but I prefer to have subs so I get all the details.

But this rant has to do with translating text. I've always considered myself pretty good at translating text, but when I do translate, I don't put it on the internet unless I'm 100% it's correct. If I do happen to post a guess, it's not normally on a Gundam related text, and I write that it MIGHT NOT BE CORRECT.

While I think that we should be grateful that people do take time to translate for us and what not, but we should also be cautious that it might be translated wrong. Unfortunately, this can lead to a, as my roomie Laura likes to say, WEB OF LIES. I.e., that's how rumors start. People can accidentally make mistakes in translating, but as Lockon said, humans make mistakes, and I'm not saying that we should jump down people's throats because they translated something wrong. I'm just pointing out that translations can be wrong, and that translating can be a tricky thing indeed.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Gundam 00: Episode 24


And well, Gundam 00 tries to become Zeta Gundam with this one. Except that in Zeta everyone got killed off at the END. NOT THE MIDDLE. I wonder if this means that we will have a new cast in the second season. I hope not. Because then they should just make it a different series. Like Zeta. And meanwhile, thousands of miles away: Tieria and Setsuna reenact the "IT'S ALL MY FAULT RYU DIED" scene from Mobile Suit Gundam. The part of Bright will be played by Sumeragi - slap! And now Feldt writes a letter to her parents... and Lockon. And now some flashbacks for Christina and Lichty, BECAUSE THEY ARE GOING TO DIE. Alejandro thinks that he's pimping in that golden mobile armor. Hey dude, even though it's gold, it's a MOBILE ARMOR. You're screwed. Of course, when you are the one shooting the GIANT LASER BEAMS, then it guess you'll last a little longer. This would be a good time for one of the Meisters to have a golden mobile suit. I wonder if Patrick is really dead. Because he got the White Flash of Death (TM). Did Christina just lie to Feldt to get her off the bridge? Why? Yup, she lied... for some reason. Impending doom? At least Lichty tired to protect Christina. We find out that he is part robot, like Will Smith in I, Robot, only more so. And then Christina (and the audience) founds other that he was in love with her. :( At least Sumeragi got a hold of Christina before they died. Christina tells Feldt to live for Lockon, and then, guess what, the ship EXPLODES. Well, next week is the last episode of the season. I wonder how it's going to play out.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Gundam 00: Episode 23


Well, I saw the spoiler pics for this episode. I.... can only hope that Lockon can pull a Mwu. That's all that there is to it. Words fail me. I thought that he was safe because of his earlier injuries. But then again, look at Ryu. Suffice it to say, I'm already heartbroken, and I will be watched this episode through my fingers. See, Lockon, they were trying to protect you, you idiot. A bit off topic, but I'd like to point out that I don't like that they introduced almost all the characters (major and minor) within the first few episodes. Trinity and Kati were pretty much the only characters introduced later, and it's kind of a pain. Okay, Lockon's stuck out somehow, and has found Ali now... this does not bode well.... especially because you are purposefully leaving your mobile suit, WTF. At least Haro didn't get blow to smithereens. HE PROMISES HARO THAT HE WILL COME BACK. OH SHIT. And then he lovingly pets Haro. :( :( Okay, then he does something stupid, my hands were in front of my eyes, I didn't really see it. Now he flashbacks to his family... his sister's name was Amy. And his twin doesn't really look like him. It's Christmas dinner. And he's monologuing. sdhglsduhgiusdhyk If his brother's name is Lyle, I'm expecting Mr. Muggles to make an appearance. But seriously, if his brother replaces him, I am going to be more upset than I already am. Lockon does not equal his brother. You just can't replace people. There's more to him that his good looks. SETSUNA, YOU HAVE TO SAVE HIM. NOW. What explodes? WHAT EXPLODES? soghsodhfousdhyfpousdyh Haro returns to the ship. And keeps repeating his name...

In all seriousness, the only reason I like this show was because of Lockon. So all I can hope is that he pulls a Mwu. I know it's impossible - he is NOT Mwu. But I was in denial over Mwu's "death", so I'll try not to give up hope. And I think that majority of the fans hope that he is still alive - he's the only thing keeping this show together for me.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Gundam 00: Episode 22


On Friday spoiler pics for were revealed! Lockon is indeed alive... and not blind. Well, not totally blind. Instead, he's like Roy Mustang in the Fullmetal Alchemist movie - he's got an eyepatch. I'm extremely happy he's alive, and not totally blind, but not another eyepatch. Seriously. Some people really like that, but I really don't. Maybe it's because I have a professor with an eyepatch

Comments from watching the episode: Lockon could be healed if he stayed in the "healing pod" but he doesn't want too, because he wants to fight (with Haro's help) and also doesn't want Tieria to be all mopey. Tieria is crying. :( And staring out the window. I really liked the scene with Tieria and Lockon in the hallway. Lockon mentions that it;s human to make mistakes. Feldt noticed that Lockon is kind to everyone, not just her, ie, her feelings are not returned. Still don't know what's up with Wong. Meanwhile, Saji's emo. Ali killed Michael. YES! And then steals his Gundam and kills Johann with pretty sparkles. Even Ali acknowledges that it's pretty. Alejandro and Amuro find a frozen Aelio, and yes, I know that's spelled wrong (reminds me of Dr. Kasshu from G Gundam, a bit), and Alejandro shoots the hell out him with Treize's gun. However, Aelio has a a hologram that gives all GN drive suits an upgrade. Trans-Am. LOLz. I don't like that Lockon's going to piloting next episode. He needs to go in the healing pod. If there's a time lapse between the seasons, Lockon better have been in that pod for the time lapse, and he better be healed in the next season.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Gundam 00: Episode 21


First of all, I know that Lockon gets injured in this episode. I'm weak when it comes to spoilers. Okay now. Kinue's really dead, and poor Saji has to identify the body. Patrick's so goofy, it's ridiculous. Sumeragi apparently thinks that if she can work better drunk, than so can Christina and Feldt. Apparently Tieria is a robot, er android. Or something. He has this obsession with being "human," and apparently was about to say that he thought that Lockon figured this out. Hmm. Meanwhile, Setsuna has a dream with Marina in it. So, Livonze and Alejandro manage power down the Gundams using Veda. But Sumeragi was able to change the power over to the the ship's back up system. But the Virtue is still down. Uh huh, I think that this is it... prepare for impact!! Holy damn, it's Patrick who does it, trying to get Tieria. But Lockon goes all noble to protect Tieria. sdkghsgiusgfishdf Haro's apparently alright, because he's reporting that Lockon's injured... eeeeeeeee. gsgdfshdfjh So, I'm going to guess that the rumors about Lockon losing his sight are right. And it better just be his sight, and not his life.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Gundam 00: Episode 20


Apparently in the future they can regrow limbs, but not Louise's. It seems that Louise wants Saji to go to space for their dreams. Aww. So Kati has long hair. Interesting. She was just wearing it up earlier in order to look like Natarle. And I guess that Patrick really likes her. It's cute, but Patrick's kind of a goof ball. Now that Ali's shaved, it's hard to tell him about from Alejandro. Until he starts talking, of course. And then Kinue gets herself into some deep troublewith Ali. Saji waits for her at home, and laments the lost of Louise's hand. Meanwhile Kinie lays in a puddle of her own blood. So I was right about Kinue. Is Wang Liu Min a traitor? I can never kept up with this girl.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Gundam 00: Episode 19

Spoilers, yo.

Libbons knows something that Alejandro doesn't. Johann reveals that he knows that Lockon's real name is Neil, and apparently it wasn't the IRA that killed his parents (and his little sister too) - it was the terrorist organization that Setsuna was brainwashed into as a kid. He also says that Sorun (Setsuna's real name) was part of that group. Louise wants Saji to go back to Japan and finish his dream (of going to space). Apparently, she doesn't plan on returning to school. And now a flashback of their love complete with a new insert song. It's very interesting to see how this series shows what could actually happen, involving fuels and energy. I love the confrontation scene between Lockon and Setsuna (with Tieria watching). I have a feeling that Kinue's going to bite the big one in the next episode or so.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Gundam 00: Episode 18

Definitely some spoilers here. Consider yourself warned.

So, I take back all that Saji and Louise hate. I take it all back. I hate Nena now.

I unfortunately already saw the spoiler pics for this episode before I watched they episode, so I knew that the wedding was bombed and Louise lost her left hand. Louise, I am sorry that I hated you. Now I hate Nena. I was trying not to hate Nena when she was first introduced, because a lot of people compared her to Puru, who I like. Kinue paid for some information, so it looks like Saji might be having more problems soon. I have to give Saji made props for going to Spain when he found out that Louise was in the hospital. And oh my God, Saji's running in the hospital. I am sorry for all that smack, guys. :( And he was totally going to propose to her... she she cuts him off because she apparently doesn't remember that she has another hand. Just because you lost the one that most people wear their wedding rings on doesn't mean that you cannot put it on your right hand and marry Saji. Poor poor Saji. :( Luckily, Setsuna has decided that the Trinity siblings are an enemy. But next week Lockon finds something out and decides that Setsuna is an enemy. Hmm.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Gundam 00: Episode 17

This episode was much better than the last episode.

Nena stealing Setsuna's first kiss was very.... interesting. Evil Haro think's the Orange-kun (like Pink-chan, get it?) is her brother. Apparently Orange-kun is missing memories. Who knows, maybe Lockon had to reset Haro. People have been saying that Nena is like Puru, and I can see it a bit. She's genki, but has a mean streak. Michael pushes some of Allelujah's buttons by calling him an "altered human." At least he didn't switch with Hallelujah. Sumeragi's afraid that they're getting "fired." Tieria is mad that Nena's in his secret computer room thing. I have a feeling that Louise's cousin's wedding is going to be bombed. >_< Well, at least Louise will get some characterization.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Gundam 00: Episode 16

I forgot to say this last time - I like how Setsuna actually says "Gundam" as opposed to "gandamu." It's cute. Not that I don't like the Japanese way. Also, as much as I like Tommy, the OP is too much Tommy and don't very Gundam. But maybe I'll change my mind. And then Setsuna said "Gundamu". Hee. I guess that he practiced that for that other line and said screw it for the rest. Trinity is introduced. Nena (Al's voice from from Fullmetal Alchemist), Michael (Al from Gundam 0080 and Ulquiorra from Bleach), and Johann (Kamina from Gurren Lagann. Patrick almost died back there. Nena's Haro scares me. It's gotnon-Haro eyes. But this episode was mainly flashback. Just as long it doesn't have as many flashbacks as Gundam SEED Destiny.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Gundam 00: Episode 15

Being that I haven't got any comments recently, I'm going to skip the spoiler warning and ~~~'s from now on. If you're reading this blog, then be prepared for spoilers. That's all I'm going to say.

Kati, Natarle 2.0 looks more like Kyoya from Ouran High Host Club than Natarle; must be the glasses. I'm still wondering about the purpose of Saji and Louise. The side character voiced by Amuro Ray's seiyuu said, "I hate adults." That's definitely a shoutout to Mobile Suit Gundam. So Lockon's rival is Graham, and Setsuna's Ali. I was expecting Graham to be Setsuna's rival too. What about Patrick? Next episode we get a new trio of pilots. I'm looking forward to them, but I really hope that they are not as bland as the druggies and Extended from both Gundam SEED and Gundam SEED Destiny. This series needs to learn how to balance between "talking episodes" (like last week's) and fighting episodes (like this one).

Monday, January 14, 2008

Gundam 00: Episode 14

New opening and ending with this episode.


New OP by the brilliant green! Yay for Tommy! The PV has Haros in it. I like the song, but it's not as good as "Daybreak's Bell." Okay, episode time. Lockon had a short flashback. <3 THANK GOD, LOUISE'S MOM WENT GOING HOME!!! Oh look, it's Setsuna, trying to bring some meaning to these characters. Patrick got the Zeta Punch from Natarle's evil older sister. Her name's Kati. And now Patrick wants her. Sumeragi and Billy go out for dinner. He doesn't know that Sumeragi's with CB. I don't like them as a paring. Ali shaved, and now he's hard to tell him apart from Patrick. ED time: The songs alright, by Stephanie. But why is Lockon cutting Setsuna's hair... on a beach? It doesn't fit. While Allelujah peels a apple and Tieria (of all people) fires up the BBQ. Or does experiments. Scissors fall in the tide, and then the water is red. And now emo/angst time for Tieria, Allelujah, Lockon, Louise, and Marina. The lyrics apparently say "If life goes on." IF. Then the Meisters are on the beach again, but it's night, and Haro is sitting next to the scissors. IF LOCKON DIES, I WILL CRY BUCKETS OF TEARS.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Gundam 00: Episode 13

After not having an episode last week, I was excited for this weeks. However, it had some ups and downs for me.


While it was nice to see Lockon in the tight shirt, I wish that he did more this episode. At least he did some sniping (and not with his Gundam, LOL). Hong Rong turns out to be a kung fu version of Zorro! Here's our masked man! I still don't know the purpose of Saji, but I think that he will eventually get involved. Eventually.

Newtype and Animage magazines have some spoilers for the upcoming episodes, which will introduce some new pilots, including one who is female.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

There wasn't a new Gundam 00 episode this past week, but I decided to pop on buy to say hi to everyone and wish them a happy New Year!


Kristen :)