Sunday, March 30, 2008

Gundam 00: Episode 25 (Season Finale)

Oops, meant to have this up sooner!


In order of the episode:

Allelujah and Hallelujah merge - very interesting. Soma gets her Newtype on and fights H/Allelujah. And damn, she got him good. What is is with having characters have their right eye injured? Soma sure cares about Sergei... a little too much. And I think he agrees. H/Allelujah recognizes Soma as Mari. SEXY BEAAAAM. Okay, it's probably "Marie", not Mari Yaguchi from Morning Musume (famous for her "Sexy Beam" dance move in "Koi no Dance Site"). OH MY GOD, Alejandro's MA has a MS hidden in the center. But Setsuna owned him. And Libonze owned him too. A new challenger has arrived! GRAHAM. With his obsessions and loves, LOL. AND THEN THEY PWNED EACH OTHER. dfhssdf Angst timez now. Setsuna sends Marina a letter. I really wish that they had built up a relationship between the two of them before this. Poor Marina really didn't play as major a role as she should. AND NOW A TIME JUMP. Four years later... I HATE TIME JUMPS. I REALLY DO. Okay, I'm fine with the other time gaps in between other Gundam series (i.e. between Mobile Suit Gundam and Zeta Gundam and Gundam SEED and Gundam SEED Destiny) but I'm totally not digging this four year time jump at all. It's what ruined Gurren Lagann for me. Well, that and something I don't mention in order not to spoil that series. I don't like that Louise and Saji haven't spoken in two years. Marina's adviser, Shirin, has longer hair and is leaving. And then creepy Amuro Libonze, which his creepy Libonze clones. And Graham, with the by far, ugliest Gundam Mask I have ever seen. And I have seen them all. I'M AM PISSED. IT SEEMS THAT ALI IS ALIVE. HOW UNFAIR. Talk about ruining sacrifices. THIS BETTER MEAN THAT LOCKON'S ALIVE TOO. And now fembot Tieria, with his new Lockon haircut. And Louise. That snort didn't sound like Romi Paku, like everyone seems to think, and I can tell her voice from her grunts. So I don't think that was the female version of Tieria. But I might be wrong. And if he is being voiced by Romi Paku, well then, hello Laura Rolla. The Supreme Trap. Now Ian and Wong. And the O Gundam. AM I the only one who is reminded of "The O" (Paptimus' mobile suit from Zeta). I mean in terms of name only, not looks, but the name is similar (well, so is The Big O. But that's not a Gundam series). Look, it's Nena. 00 Gundam! Wee. That set up at the very end wasn't too bad. But I still hate time jumps.

Overall opinion on season 1: It had it's ups and downs. I particularly didn't like the beginning, nor the end. The middle was good. I felt that too many characters were introduced and then not properly dealt with. I'm hoping that there will not be an onslaught of new characters in the second season. I also didn't like the time jump (duh) and I don't think that it's necessary, based off of the preview we saw (I'm not counting that as a denouement, but more as a preview). I could be wrong, though. And I obviously think that Lockon should be brought back, but I unfortunately doubt that. I hope that the other meisters are back for sure, at least.

A rumor: Other people have pointed out that maybe it's not that Neil is dead, but that he will never be "Lockon" (i.e. a pilot, probably, or doesn't use his code name) again, and that while they are pounding into our heads that Lockon is dead, he might be alive, as Neil. I like this theory. :)


Harogenki said...

its ok , lets wait for code geass season 2

Anonymous said...

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tare@即デリブラザーズ said...


All the lasts have been wasted

The rumor that a sequel is broadcasted a half year later is ...

Kristen said...

Re: Tare

The second season is going to be aired in October. :)

Chus said...

This is what I think: Gundam 00 Season 2 Leaked News