Monday, March 30, 2009

Gundam 00 Season 2: Episode 25 (Finale)

I was so excited yesterday that I forgot to post this!!!

Spoilers, per usual.

- Ribbons vs. Setsuna.
- Lasse returns to the bridge.
- SoMarie is in a healing pod.
- Looks like Allelujah and Hallelujah keep switching. He defeats Hilling.
- Lyle manages to defeat Revive.
- Tieria contacts Ribbons through Veda and like "YOU ARE WRONG!"
- Ribbons manages to steal Setsuna's solar furnace, though. He decides to switch mobile suits, and finds the 0 Gundam... the one that looks like the RX-78-2. "This is destiny!" Of course it is, Amuro.
- And Setsuna hops back into Exia, his one true love.
- Marina writes Setsuna a letter. Of course. She is princess once more. Looks like she adopted the children.
- The credits start. Marina gives a speech, and you can see some Innovators in the audience.
- Saji and Louise are together, aww.
- Looks like Klaus and Shirin have become senators.
- Andrei's still in the military.
- Patrick x Kati wedding!! WOOT.
- Graham's hanging out with Billy.
- Lyle visits his family and Anew's graves. *sniff*
- SoMarie and Allelijah go backpacking.
- Tieria watches over everyone in Veda.
-"Daybreak's Bell" plays as we see Celestial Being again.
- That's the end. ONLY NOT. Movie in 2010, starring... Jupiter!

I did really like the ending. It was very hopeful. I loved the wedding scene, and I liked that Marina wrote Setsuna a letter. It helps tie the two seasons together. It was nice to have a Gundam series without the "Kill 'em Tomino" ending. I have nothing against Tomino, of course, but I do love the happier endings. :D

I still prefer not to have movie, though, because the ending was so good...


Until the movie(s), this is Kristen signing off.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Gundam 00 Season 2: Episode 24

Spoilers, as always

- Second to the last episode!
- Apparently Tieria isn't an Innovator, but an Innovade.
- Meanwhile, showdown with Billy and Sumeragi.
- Elsewhere, Lyle fights Ali, Allelujah says "Marie" a lot, and Lasse coughs up blood.
- Setsuna tells Saji to go take Louise to a safe place.
- Tieria gets shot by Ribbons, multiple times. Nooooooooo...
- Saji gets Louise to wake up, and then she chokes him. Then she sees the ring on his necklace and flips. They wrestle a bit, and her glove comes off, and he sees that she's wearing her ring. Setsuna talks to them through their minds~~. Then she faints.
- Setsuna then hears Sumeragi, and we switch over to them. And the rest of the crew. I'm reminded of the end of Mobile Suit Gundam, when Amuro is calling out to everyone.
- And now time for Trans-Am Burst! And GN particles and voices in their heads for everyone!
- Sumeragi manages to talk to Billy and they hug. I'm not a huge fan of that pairing, but hey, at least he didn't kill her.
- SoMarie talks to Andrei (through their minds) and tells him that while she cannot forgive him, she will not kill him because Sergei wouldn't have wanted her to.
- Awww, Saji and Louise.
- Regene has taken over Veda and won't like Ribbons link.
- And Tieria has apparently melded into Veda too.
- Ali and Lyle jump out of their Gundams, and Lyle shoots Ali dead. Woot!
- Setsuna finds Tieria's body, but Tieria's like, "I'm in the computer!"
- Now Setsuna must fight Ribbons in the finale!

This was good episode. Now let's hope that everyone manages to survive the finale. I'm a little sad about Tieria basically dying, but he's in the computer, which is better than nothing.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Gundam 00 Season 2: Episode 23


- Ribbons like "Fooled you!" In other words, his mind is connected to Veda and can jump into the body of his clones.
- Mmmm, watcha say. Regene's been shot. By Ali.
- Kati and Sumeragi finally talk, well for a sec, anyway.
- DAMN. That is one giant beam.
- The Ptomely is going to retake Veda. Uh oh, Billy! And the debut of his new mobile suits.
- Kati and Kataron show up to help. And.... Patrick pulls a Mwu. OMG. *sniffs* Well, hopefully he can pull a Mwu and come back and I don't care what all you haters say. And... he told Kati he loved her.
- The Ptomely lands on the mothership (Why am I reminded of A Boa Qu?)
- Lasse decides to pilot the 0 Gundam.
- Oh shit, Automatons! Louise joins in too.
- And Lyle suddenly cares about killing Ali to avenge Neil.
- And... Sumeragi's got one helluva gun, there. And runs into Billy. He points a gun at her.
- Different version of "trust you."
- Saji tries to get through to Louise.
- Epilogue: Tieria and Ribbons showdown!
- I liked this episode better than the last few (despite the supposed Patrick death...) because it reminded me more of classic Gundam.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Gundam 00 Season 2: Episode 22


- Some Graham flashback - apparently he asked Billy's uncle for training.
- He tells Setsuna to finish him off, but he doesn't. Saji thanks Setsuna for Louise. Regene watches on.
- Veda's on the dark side of the moon.
- Linda stops on by and brings them the RX-78-2 0 Gundam.
- Every states their reasons for fighting and epic music plays. And then Lasse's like, I'm back guys!
- Marina and the children are in spaaace. And Kati!
- Graham is like Bushido.
- Fullmetal Alchemist
- Feldt gives Setsuna a flower that Linda grew in the lab. She says that she's afraid that she will anger Marina, but Setsuna says that he doesn't have any kind of relationship with her. He goes off, and Feldt tells him not to die. Not quite a shippy scene, but if taken that way, that's kind of random.
- Everyone launches and battle times. Celestial Being gets reinforcements from Kataron. Kati and Patrick too. Setsuna takes out Goodman!
- Epilogue: Ribbons is like, "Hahaha, Regene, I'm better than you!" And then mmmmm, watcha say! Regene shoots Ribbons in the head!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Gundam 00 Season 2: Episode 21


- Saji asks Setsuna if he had to kill Anew. Setsuna says yes, and also mentions that something is confusing Louise. Saji says that Setsuna is somehow different. Yeah, his eyes are glowing! Of course, Setsuna's becoming an Innovator. I had a feeling this might happen...
- The crew decides to go to Lagrange 5.
- Wang is still alive for the time being.
- Soma and Allelujah get in a fight because he wants her to pilot the ship.
- Lyle apologizes to Setsuna, but then draw a gun on him. He wants to crush the Innovators.
- Setsuna and Saji go to where the message was sent from.
- Shirin finds Klaus, but he's injured. DO NOT DIE, KLAUS. He says they should go to space, and that everyone loves Marina's song. So they go and pick up Marina and the kids.
- Wang yells at Hong Long for being stupid. Clears some stuff up, though.
- Nena comes and shoots at Wang, but Hong Long takes the bullet. Mmmm, watcha say. Ooo, Regene is with her.
- Setsuna finds Wang and gets Veda's coordinates from her. She doesn't want to go back with him, though.
- Waiting for Setsuna is... Graham! Without a mask! Finally!
- Nena kills Wang (this time I'm sure).
- Ribbons talks through Nena's Haro.
- But then Louise comes and kills her! In the end... Louise reminded me of Four or Stellar...
- Epilogue: Setsuna and Graham fight and use Trans-Am... so they have naked sparkle time.
- Preview: Marina and the children go to spaaaace!