Monday, March 16, 2009

Gundam 00 Season 2: Episode 23


- Ribbons like "Fooled you!" In other words, his mind is connected to Veda and can jump into the body of his clones.
- Mmmm, watcha say. Regene's been shot. By Ali.
- Kati and Sumeragi finally talk, well for a sec, anyway.
- DAMN. That is one giant beam.
- The Ptomely is going to retake Veda. Uh oh, Billy! And the debut of his new mobile suits.
- Kati and Kataron show up to help. And.... Patrick pulls a Mwu. OMG. *sniffs* Well, hopefully he can pull a Mwu and come back and I don't care what all you haters say. And... he told Kati he loved her.
- The Ptomely lands on the mothership (Why am I reminded of A Boa Qu?)
- Lasse decides to pilot the 0 Gundam.
- Oh shit, Automatons! Louise joins in too.
- And Lyle suddenly cares about killing Ali to avenge Neil.
- And... Sumeragi's got one helluva gun, there. And runs into Billy. He points a gun at her.
- Different version of "trust you."
- Saji tries to get through to Louise.
- Epilogue: Tieria and Ribbons showdown!
- I liked this episode better than the last few (despite the supposed Patrick death...) because it reminded me more of classic Gundam.

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