Monday, January 26, 2009

Gundam 00 Season 2: Episode 16


- Hercules takes over the Africa Tower.
- Sergei's back in that sweater and flashback to a time when he was hot, and we get to see his wife.
- LOL, the little robots!
- Louise and Andrei talk about Hercules, and then he has a flashback of his own.
- Sergei's been sent to tell Hercules to surrender.
- Hercules let's the civilians go, but the Federation edits the video to lie to the public.
- Meanwhile, Setsuna starts his fight with Graham Bushido.
- Then the Ptomely shows up and Bushido's like, "Bye!"
- Then, Gundam hug.
- A lot of people said that we got trolled with this episode, but honestly, I prefer more plot development instead of fighting.
- Epilogue: Like the Death Star, they built a new Momento Mori!
- Preview: is that Johann I see at the end? [/Monster reference]

Monday, January 19, 2009

Gundam 00 Season 2: Episode 15


- Setsuna arrives at the Kataron base, and Marina knows that means that she gets to play nurse.
- Sergei talks to Hercules about the coup.
- Andrei talks to Louise about Saji. Or at least tries to. LOL at Patrick.
- Billy talks to Kati and tells her that he wants "to personally witness the destruction of Celestial Being." And by that, he means witness Sumeragi's death.
- Setsuna has a dream about stopping himself from killing his parents. Neil also makes a guest start appearance.
- Tieria plays mommy and puts a blanket on the sleeping Millenia.
- The A-LAWS fight with the Ptomely before it can make repairs.
- Marie is all ready to go out in the GN Archer, when Kati receives a message from HQ and withdraws. The coup has started.
- Setsuna fights Mr. Bushido.
- The new ending sequence features busted up mobile suits. Eeeeh. At least theres a few "continued" versions of scenes from the old sequence , like Louise and Saji's hands, and Tieria turning from the mirror. Anew is apparently the girl behind the curtain with Lyle. Allelujah and Marie's clothes are in the water, and Lyle and Anew's jackets lay in the flowers. The song has more a beat to it than I was expecting, but I love Yuna Ito.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Gundam 00 Season 2: Episode 14

Spoilers, as always.

- There was a new opening this week! While I liked Stereo Pony's Bleach ending, their music is more fitting for that series rather than Gundam, I'm afraid. The song's not as good as "Hitohira no Hanabira" either. Naked girls in the beginning of the sequence. Gundam SEED Destiny like, but everyone was naked. Sumeragi's missing and that worries me. There was no "bridge crew" shot either.
- Nena tells Setsuna that the Ptomely's descended to Earth.
- Meanwhile, Ian wakes up from the healing pod and finds that not only have they descended on to Earth, but in a really pretty forest by the mountains. But then he realizes that he noticed this through a giant hole in the side of the ship. ROFL!
- Sumeragi apologizes to Allelujah for having Marie help on the bridge. Allelujah wants to keep that girl in the kitchen!
-Lyle does secret spy things behind a rock. Anew finds him though. She asks him to call her by her first name, and he asks her to call him "Lyle" rather than "Lockon." Saji watches them from afar. The panning out in this episode is loltastic.
- Klaus and friends are having a meeting, when they hear children singing. Marina apparently wrote a song based off what that children told her. Well, she's no Lacus Clyne, that's for sure.
- Setsuna meets up with Ali, who introduces him to Ribbons. Ribbons tells him that he was the pilot of the 0 Gundam. And mmm, watcha say- Setsuna shoots at Ali, and Ali hits Setsuna.
- Tieria transforms and reveals Seraphim Gundam!
- Setsuna battles with Ali, and then he hears Marina and the children's song. The song serves at the ending. The credits list the name of the artist for it as "Marina Ismail and Children." It's kind of haunting, actually.
- The actual second ending's going to be by Yuna Ito, so I can't wait for that (she's awesome).
- In the epilogue, a new mobile armor and a new suit are revealed.
- Billy tears up a photo of Leesa (Sumeragi). Doesn't bode well for her. Eek.