Sunday, October 26, 2008

Gundam 00 Season 2: Episode 4


Some is the one that gave Allelujah his name, so she's the one to blame for it's strangness. Ian's daughter (Millenia?) asks if Setsuna and Marina are lovers, and they're both like "no." In denial, I see, LOL. Feldt's spying on Lyle. Haro like "Feldt likes Lockon!" Lyle decides, hey I'll take you and kisses her, but Feldt slaps him. He's being cruel to her, but he tells Haro it's to make her realize he's not Neil. Lyle's tired of being compared to Neil, and I think that it also makes him a little sad. Meanwhile, Allelujah's like "Let's get drunk, Sumeragi!" If he didn't already have Soma, I'd think he liked her. MISTAA BUSHIDO. For realz. Other masked man had, you know, actual aliases, but Graham is MISTAA BUSHIDO. Also, I realized that Andrei is voiced by Sai from Gundam SEED. Shirin wants to join the troops to look for Marina, and Marina wants Setsuna to come back with her. Ian put Saji to work. Allelujah confides in Sumeragi that he wants to find Soma/Marie, but she reminds him that she is the enemy. Sumeragi tells Allelujah that she doesn't know what she's fighting for. Grr, I still want them to reveal what horrible thing she did in her past. So Hallelujah is gone, it seems. Sumeragi angsts with her CB photo again, and mentions an Emilio, who was according to some official source out there, was a former boyfriend of hers. I sense a rivalry forming between Sumeragi and Kati (Murrue and Natarle, anyone?) Although Sumeragi made it to the bridge and kicked ass. IT'S A GUNDAM! Dude, I think we all know that Mister Bushido is Graham. Marina and Shirin reunion! After the ED: Billy gets his revenge on Sumeragi by joining A-LAWS. Meanwhile, her uniform doesn't fit her, LOL (I will be cosplaying the uniform that does fit her, as seen in the OP, sorry guys). Billy's like REVENGE. Preview: Things get blown up.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Gundam 00 Season 2: Episode 3


Poor Marina's being interrogated. I love the name of the episode. "Allelujah Rescue Mission." Look, it's Obama! ...and he's talking to Amuro Libbonz (and yes, he will always sound like Amuro to me...) Soma goes to Allelujah's cell, and he's like "Hi, Marie!" She's like, WTF, no! I like Soma better this season... Lyle called Tieria cute, LOL. Feldt is sad, Sumeragi angsts in her room with beer cans, gazing at a photo of the old CB. Soma and Sergei are still in contact, despite her transfer to A-LAWS. Luckily, news that Allelujah's been found gets Sumeragi to come out of her room. Does she had a fridge in her room full of beer? At least she made them a mission plan. Tieria's kind of, "BTW, Setsuna, but your potential love interest Marina is also being held in prison." Lyle is already bonding with Haro. Turns out that Lyle is a pretty good shot, of course. Yay, Allelujah! The new Ptolemais can go under water... where have I seen that before? Allelujah has the panda eyes, but his words make Soma flashback to the days when she was called Marie. Setsuna saves Marina. It seems that Lyle let Kataron in on the mission... perhaps they will be allies with CB? I really like the ending theme, but don't like that they show it before the actual end of the episode. The scene with Allelujah and Tieria with the coffee was really nice. Although when Lyle walked in, Allelujah was all "Lockon, WTF?" Then Marina and Setsuna have a scene. Preview: Lyle puts the moves on Feldt. Wonder what Allelujah and Sumeragi (still not in uniform) are talking about (yes, I have vested interest in Sumeragi, but that's because I'm cosplaying as her and I need her in the uniform!).

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Gundam 00 Season 2: Episode 2


Gundam 00 Season 2, Episode 2

Lyle calls Neil his "nii-san." Lyle didn't know Neil's dead. :( Kati is surprised to see Soma, and that she's joined A-LAWS. There is a "red" Haro now. Sumeragi's pouring herself another one, but Billy takes it from her and complains about having to care for her. Then she saids, "See you, Billy. Thanks for the last two years, good-bye." He tells her to wait, calling her "Kujou," that he didn't mean it that way, and then Setsuna rings the doorbell. Billy is surprised that she told someone about this place. Billy seems to think that Setsuna will cheer her up, and wants to invite him to dinner. Setsuna uses her codename, and spills CB secrets. Good one, Setsuna. He does it so that she has nowhere to hide. Saji learns that it was the Thrones that attacked Louise's family. Sumeragi doesn't want to go back to CB, so Setsuna holds her by the wrist to make sure that she does. They meet with Lyle, and Sumeragi's like WTF? Setsuna starts to introduce him as Lyle, but then Lyle interrupts and calls himself Lockon. At least she knows that he's Neil's brother. Marina gets arrested! Hong Rong! It's been a long time. Nena calls Wang "Ojou-sama." Meanwhile, Loran Regene and Amuro Libonze bring back 1960's and '70's fashion. Saji wears his ring on a necklace. Epic battle timez! We are Gundam! The ending sequence is depressing as all get out, but I love the song! ... but wait, there's more again - They welcome back Sumeragi. And then they all see Lockon (they includes orange Haro!) But Sumeragi tells them it's Neil's younger brother. Angry Billy is angry. And drunk. Preview: Time to rescue Allelujah... who is calling Soma's real name... Marie.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Gundam 00 Season 2: Episode 1


These are my thoughts as I watched it. Some will not make sense, sorry, LOL. I'm crazy like that.

It seems that most people are numbering back at one, so I will too. First people with lines - Shirin and Klaus. Klaus is a new character, and Shirin is now Lara Croft, Tomb Raider. Sergei lives in a pretty posh house. Nice sweater! He's on the phone with Kati, hmm. As for the answer that he's looking for from Soma, my guess is that he's asked her to join the military again. Let's not get any wild ideas. I wonder why Ian's letting his daughter be part of the crew. Yay, Tieria! :D Look, Louise! Yay, Setsuna! Saji gets attacked by a spider bot! Setsuna and Saji remember each other. Louise: MY BRAIN, IT BLEEDS. Tieria comes to save Setsuna! Yay, Feldt! Yay, Lasse! Saji wants to kill Setsuna, for revenge for his sister and Louise's hand family. Louise is a druggie. Amuro Livonze and Regene's outfits remind of a cult. The last four years have not been good to Wang, and why is she working with them? Sumeragi is in Billy's bed. Maked Man is definitely Graham. Andrei is hot. And is here to pick Soma up. It seems that he and Sergei are estranged. Allelujah is Hannibal Lecter, and now OP. The younger versions of the meisters, plus podchildren! Tieria is a clone, I say! Christina and Litchy are in the OP, plus Neil. STOP PLAYING WITH MY MIND. Are Shirin and Klaus going to be a pairing? Sumeragi in a very purple uniform! So she comes back. SARAH PALIN! Er, Kati. La la la, oh look, there's more! Setsuna finds Lyle, a smoker (ew) and totally says - YOU!! COME WITH ME!! Lyle actually says "HOMELAND SECURITY?!" ROFL. Preview: Sestuna comes to Sumeragi and Billy's house to kidnap Sumeragi. Er, ask Sumeragi to be a captain again.