Sunday, October 12, 2008

Gundam 00 Season 2: Episode 2


Gundam 00 Season 2, Episode 2

Lyle calls Neil his "nii-san." Lyle didn't know Neil's dead. :( Kati is surprised to see Soma, and that she's joined A-LAWS. There is a "red" Haro now. Sumeragi's pouring herself another one, but Billy takes it from her and complains about having to care for her. Then she saids, "See you, Billy. Thanks for the last two years, good-bye." He tells her to wait, calling her "Kujou," that he didn't mean it that way, and then Setsuna rings the doorbell. Billy is surprised that she told someone about this place. Billy seems to think that Setsuna will cheer her up, and wants to invite him to dinner. Setsuna uses her codename, and spills CB secrets. Good one, Setsuna. He does it so that she has nowhere to hide. Saji learns that it was the Thrones that attacked Louise's family. Sumeragi doesn't want to go back to CB, so Setsuna holds her by the wrist to make sure that she does. They meet with Lyle, and Sumeragi's like WTF? Setsuna starts to introduce him as Lyle, but then Lyle interrupts and calls himself Lockon. At least she knows that he's Neil's brother. Marina gets arrested! Hong Rong! It's been a long time. Nena calls Wang "Ojou-sama." Meanwhile, Loran Regene and Amuro Libonze bring back 1960's and '70's fashion. Saji wears his ring on a necklace. Epic battle timez! We are Gundam! The ending sequence is depressing as all get out, but I love the song! ... but wait, there's more again - They welcome back Sumeragi. And then they all see Lockon (they includes orange Haro!) But Sumeragi tells them it's Neil's younger brother. Angry Billy is angry. And drunk. Preview: Time to rescue Allelujah... who is calling Soma's real name... Marie.


Soul Bro Ryu said...

Wild how 00 picks up after a hiatus without losing stride. ^_^

When this series began, I wasn't too impressed with Setsuna, thinking of him as the shadow of Heero Yui. Boy, was I wrong. His stock skyrocketed throughout the course of season one all the way to the finish. Now he's back as the baddest man alive.

Well, that is until Ali shows up.

I'm just glad Saji is finally getting the truth about who hurt Louise and that is wasn't the real CB. I was hoping that he would stay a "free agent" this season, but it looks like he's "this close" to putting on a CB uniform.
Then again, it's too soon to tell, since this show is good at surprising the viewer.

BTW, if you don't mind divulging, during your trip to Japan, did you find that Gundam fans had finally warmed up to 00 or are they still saying that it 's not as good as Seed?

Personally, as entertaining as Seed & Destiny were, I don't think they hold a candle to 00.

Peace and keep up the cool reviews!
Soul Bro Ryu

Kristen said...

I didn't get a chance to visit Tokyo when I was in Japan (a crime, I know, but I was on a study abroad trip, and the weekend that everyone was going to Tokyo, I had other plans with a friend of mine that lives in Japan). So I can't really judge properly 00 popularity. However, based on the merchandise at the Animates in Okazaki and Nagoya (as well as the malls and grocery stores), 00 is currently more popular than SEED. SEED is kind of passé at this point, it seems.