Sunday, October 19, 2008

Gundam 00 Season 2: Episode 3


Poor Marina's being interrogated. I love the name of the episode. "Allelujah Rescue Mission." Look, it's Obama! ...and he's talking to Amuro Libbonz (and yes, he will always sound like Amuro to me...) Soma goes to Allelujah's cell, and he's like "Hi, Marie!" She's like, WTF, no! I like Soma better this season... Lyle called Tieria cute, LOL. Feldt is sad, Sumeragi angsts in her room with beer cans, gazing at a photo of the old CB. Soma and Sergei are still in contact, despite her transfer to A-LAWS. Luckily, news that Allelujah's been found gets Sumeragi to come out of her room. Does she had a fridge in her room full of beer? At least she made them a mission plan. Tieria's kind of, "BTW, Setsuna, but your potential love interest Marina is also being held in prison." Lyle is already bonding with Haro. Turns out that Lyle is a pretty good shot, of course. Yay, Allelujah! The new Ptolemais can go under water... where have I seen that before? Allelujah has the panda eyes, but his words make Soma flashback to the days when she was called Marie. Setsuna saves Marina. It seems that Lyle let Kataron in on the mission... perhaps they will be allies with CB? I really like the ending theme, but don't like that they show it before the actual end of the episode. The scene with Allelujah and Tieria with the coffee was really nice. Although when Lyle walked in, Allelujah was all "Lockon, WTF?" Then Marina and Setsuna have a scene. Preview: Lyle puts the moves on Feldt. Wonder what Allelujah and Sumeragi (still not in uniform) are talking about (yes, I have vested interest in Sumeragi, but that's because I'm cosplaying as her and I need her in the uniform!).

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