Sunday, October 5, 2008

Gundam 00 Season 2: Episode 1


These are my thoughts as I watched it. Some will not make sense, sorry, LOL. I'm crazy like that.

It seems that most people are numbering back at one, so I will too. First people with lines - Shirin and Klaus. Klaus is a new character, and Shirin is now Lara Croft, Tomb Raider. Sergei lives in a pretty posh house. Nice sweater! He's on the phone with Kati, hmm. As for the answer that he's looking for from Soma, my guess is that he's asked her to join the military again. Let's not get any wild ideas. I wonder why Ian's letting his daughter be part of the crew. Yay, Tieria! :D Look, Louise! Yay, Setsuna! Saji gets attacked by a spider bot! Setsuna and Saji remember each other. Louise: MY BRAIN, IT BLEEDS. Tieria comes to save Setsuna! Yay, Feldt! Yay, Lasse! Saji wants to kill Setsuna, for revenge for his sister and Louise's hand family. Louise is a druggie. Amuro Livonze and Regene's outfits remind of a cult. The last four years have not been good to Wang, and why is she working with them? Sumeragi is in Billy's bed. Maked Man is definitely Graham. Andrei is hot. And is here to pick Soma up. It seems that he and Sergei are estranged. Allelujah is Hannibal Lecter, and now OP. The younger versions of the meisters, plus podchildren! Tieria is a clone, I say! Christina and Litchy are in the OP, plus Neil. STOP PLAYING WITH MY MIND. Are Shirin and Klaus going to be a pairing? Sumeragi in a very purple uniform! So she comes back. SARAH PALIN! Er, Kati. La la la, oh look, there's more! Setsuna finds Lyle, a smoker (ew) and totally says - YOU!! COME WITH ME!! Lyle actually says "HOMELAND SECURITY?!" ROFL. Preview: Sestuna comes to Sumeragi and Billy's house to kidnap Sumeragi. Er, ask Sumeragi to be a captain again.

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