Sunday, November 30, 2008

Gundam 00 Season 2: Episode 9


Quick question Am I the only one that doesn't like Ali? Now he's busting up my Tieria! Luckily, Sumeragi sends Allelujah and Lyle to help out. Tieria's pissed he didn't get to kill Ali. INNOVATORS. Andrei does some research on Louise. Sumeragi says, "Based on my estimation, it's about time we headed back to space, like practically every other Gundam series." Setsuna tells Saji that he saw Louise. Tieria tells Lyle that Ali killed Neil, and Lyle asks for the details. I'm hoping that he plans Ali's death out a little more carefully than Neil did. Revive agrees with Kati's plan, and Lindt is pissed. Hmm, seems while Lyle respects Neil's decision to take revenge, he doesn't plan on avenging their family's death. Setsuna reveals that he used to belong to the same terrorist organization, and could have stopped the suicide bomber from blowing up the mall that the Dylandys were at. Seems Lyle is more worried about stopping the terrorists from killing more people than avenging the past. This makes Tieria upset. LOL, Billy almost called Mister Bushido Graham. Then he tells him to destroy Celestial Being for him, BECAUSE THEY TOOK AWAY HIS SUMERAGI. Meanwhile, Tieria stares at the window, waiting for Neil, the Ghost of Christmas Past, to return. Marie joins the bridge bunnies for battle, along with Saji. And then, they have a battle while going to space. Kati is so impressed, she sends Sumeragi a text message. Feldt reads it out loud, and Sumeragi (or should I say Leesa Kujo) now knows that Kati's with A-LAWS. We get a few flashbacks to young!Leesa, young!Billy, and young!Kati. Epilogue: Seems Ian's wife Linda is also a scientist. Preview: Linda joins the crew (I swore I saw her in the background of episode 1, but oh well), and there's also someone with lavender hair. Speaking of hair, Tieria gets a shower scene - with long hair.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Gundam 00 Season 2: Episode 8



Oh crap, Regene is inside Tieria head. Neeeeewtypes! Ribbons is not happy. Saji misses Louise. Lasse asks if it's okay that Marie stays on the ship, and Sumeragi's like, I did a background check, fool! And she's Allelujah's "reason for fighting." Millenia just kind of pops in there, LOLZ. This girl is wack. Lyle worries about Kataron. Marina hangs out with the children. HOLY CRAP BALLS, Tieria see Neil in the reflection in the glass, and vision speaks! Tieria's like WTF? LOLZ. It's the ghost of Christmas Past! Feldt kind flies off the handle and is upset that Marie is staying with them. Kati seems suspicious of Soma's "death." PATRICK!!! TAISAAAAAAAA~~~ Gotta love him. Revive is also joining A-LAWS. Oh yeah, those space elevators. They were important, weren't they? Allelujah tells Feldt WE ARE FAMILY! Kati is pissed that Patrick joined A-LAWS. She's worried about him, aww. He joined to protect her, and he has fought the Gundams SEVEN TIMES and survived. He's all like, "I'm the Immortal Colasaur" and I'm like DON'T MAKE PROMISES YOU CAN'T KEEP, PATRICK. Meanwhile, Wang sends a message to the Ptlomey telling them about this awesome A-LAWS party. Tieria says"PICK ME PICK ME." Setsuna says he'll be back up. Good thing that he's only back up, because he's really back about going undercover. Sumeragi's hee hee, going to turn Tieria into a woman! Turns out that Rengene had Wang call them. Feldt apologizes to Marie. Wang gets to the party and thinks LOLz, Sumeragi made Tieria dress like a woman. Lousie chats up Ribbons, who is dressed up like Thomas Jefferson. Andrei is Louise's escort and looking fine. OMG, TIERIA'S FEMALE VOICE. I'm 99% that's Sumeragi's seiyuu. Ribbons asks for a dance, and Tieria switches to his normal male voice, and says, "Everyone knows that the meisters are male. I'm just following my tactical forecasters instructors." I love you, Sumeragi. Meanwhile, Louise has a Newtype flash and meets up with Setsuna in the parking lot. And magically, they remember each other. He tells her that Saji still thinks of her. Then she flips out. Billy comes out and sees Setsuna trying to comfort, and then we get ANGRY BILLY, still mad at him for stealing Sumeragi away and RUINING HIS LIFE. Meanwhile, Ribbons is trying to get Tieria to join THE DARK SIDE. It totally sounds like "Duel of the Fates" from Star Wars is playing. Tieria goes to shoot Ribbons (love where he was keeping the gun), but hits the mirror. Hilling Care shows up, and Tieria jumps out the window. Billy calls the security on Setsuna, who runs away. Andrei tries to comfort Louise, who tries to take her druggie pills. Regene's wearing a suit. LOLz. Epilogue: While in Gundams, returning to the ship, Tieria and Setsuna run into Ali!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Gundam 00 Season 2: Episode 7

This is a day late, due to late subs. I could attempt to watch it raw, but my Japanese is worse than the subbers, I hope.


There are MAJOR MAJOR spoilers.

Mister Bushido's first name is Mister. Yay, Sumeragi's awake. Kati's afraid of explaining to Sergei that she lost his daughter. Meanwhile on the island (are they on an island? I'm going to say yes), Soma and Allelujah roll around on the ground (reenacting a certain scene from a certain other Gundam series - only with less crabs). I wish that people would stop calling each other by their full names every time they see each other. Yay, random tent and sleeping bags! I sense telenovela music. Allelujah and Soma (or should I say Marie?) discuss things in their pasts. And get touchy feely. Okay, Allelujah and Hallelujah merged into one, but did Soma and Marie? Because I think that the personality issues should be rectified. I was really liking Soma this season, but it seems as if Marie has taken over completely. Uh oh, Daddy's come to save you! Meanwhile, Klaus and Shirin meet up with a bearded dude that I swear looks like a celebrity in real life. Back on the island, Sergei wants to kill Allelujah, but Marie pulls a Pocahontas. Sergei decides to tell the higher ups that Soma died, and lets Marie stay with Allelujah. And now a musical montage of Soma and Sergei, with song by Tommy heavenly6. Sergei signals Lyle, who finds Allelujah and Marie kissing. Epilogue: Setsuna smiled. Saji noticed and had to point it out. The bridge crew is surprised that Allelujah is coming back with a girlfriend. Meanwhile, Tieria meets Regene and is like HOLY SHIT, YOU LOOK LIKE ME. Preview: Libonze gets ready to party, Allejulah and Marie blush, Tieria traps it up in drag (Laura Rolla?)!!

Some non-summary thoughts: Now, I totally am a romance fan, and I do like romance in my Gundam, but Allelujah and Marie's relationship is waaaaay too rushed. I assumed that they would become canon (and I do like them together), but not that fast. The last time that they actually spent time together was when they were kids, right? Knowing Sunrise, this speed is unfortunately raising death flags.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Gundam 00 Season 2: Episode 6


Poor Kataron. The kids are still alive, though. Saji's all your fault Ryu died. At least he isn't still wandering the desert. Meanwhile, Sumeragi's tripping and we get a flashback (where, strangely, she has her current hairstyle) of what happened to her boyfriend, Emilio. *sniff* Then she faints. Tieria Bright slaps Saji. Setsuna comes in and is like, why is this dude crying on the floor. Kati is going to choke a bitch and that bitch is Swiss Candyman. Seems that she was involved in the Emilio incident. Meanwhile, Shirin and Marina get there lesbian selves on in a dark warehouse. Is Wang suggesting that Nena's a Newtype? Hong Rong is Wang's brother? WTF? MOAR Sumeragi flashblacks (this time her hair's in a bun): seems that plan ended up causing friendly fire and therefore Emilio's death. Turns out that she was working with Kati back then... and Kati now realizing that Sumeragi's working with Celestial Being. Now some Soma and Sergei time. Flashback~~ Soma stole Tieria's sweater! Sergei's tie in this scene, wow. Back to present day: DUDE, Lindt slapped Sergei. Dude. Once again, however, I draw parallels to Zeta Gundam and the Titans. Hi, Barack, not Obama. I like that Allelujah's worried about Sumeragi. Soma's like, Louise I used my Newtype powers to read your mind and you still like Saji! Andrei's like, I love you, Louise. Graham is like, "I'M AN ARMY OF ONE." YUU HABU KONTORORU DESU. Kati noticed that this battle's plan is very un-Sumeragi. I've said this before, but Sumeragi and Kati remind me of Murrue and Natarle from Gundam SEED. Saji decides that he wants to help out, but he can't. If he did fire, he would have killed Louise, ironically. Preview: Looks like Allelujah and Soma crash land somewhere. Where have I seen this before? Oh right: with Cagalli and Athrun in Gundam SEED. And heck, Shinn and Stellar in Gundam SEED Destiny (although there was no crashing there, just jumping off a cliff into the ocean).

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Gundam 00 Season 2: Episode 5


Revive Rivival's debut! And speaking of revival... Ali's alive. Grrr. I never liked him, and I don't understand why he's allowed to come back from the dead while characters are not allowed to (let's not argue about this, though). I see that some subbers are translating "Kataron" as Catalan, but Catalan is a real group of people... so I'll continue to use "Kataron". Saji's being handed over to Kataron. And now, random children! Every Gundam series needs random children! Meanwhile, Graham, er, MISTAA BUSHIDO explains to Kati that he can do what ever he wants. Sergei checks in on Soma and asks about Andrei, and Soma tells him that he can be her daddy. Aww. :) Marina plays with the children, and helps out that shy one (it says "disliked" on the wall above his head!). Setsuna watches and remembers his mother. Tieria tells a joke! Saji drives in the desert. Hmmm... reminds me of Mobile Suit Gundam, LOL. Then he gets picked up by the Feddies and punched. Sergei steps in. I think that the A-LAWS = Titans. There are many parallels. Meanwhile, Andrei is bitter and Wang looks better than she was so far this season. The A-LAWS massacre the Kataron base, and Lyle loses his cool while fighting Soma. Epilogue: Setsuna flies Marina back home, and sees the country in ruins. And it's Ali's fault. Preview: Everyone's hearts are broken. I want to know whose hands those are, with the blue sleeves.