Sunday, November 9, 2008

Gundam 00 Season 2: Episode 6


Poor Kataron. The kids are still alive, though. Saji's all your fault Ryu died. At least he isn't still wandering the desert. Meanwhile, Sumeragi's tripping and we get a flashback (where, strangely, she has her current hairstyle) of what happened to her boyfriend, Emilio. *sniff* Then she faints. Tieria Bright slaps Saji. Setsuna comes in and is like, why is this dude crying on the floor. Kati is going to choke a bitch and that bitch is Swiss Candyman. Seems that she was involved in the Emilio incident. Meanwhile, Shirin and Marina get there lesbian selves on in a dark warehouse. Is Wang suggesting that Nena's a Newtype? Hong Rong is Wang's brother? WTF? MOAR Sumeragi flashblacks (this time her hair's in a bun): seems that plan ended up causing friendly fire and therefore Emilio's death. Turns out that she was working with Kati back then... and Kati now realizing that Sumeragi's working with Celestial Being. Now some Soma and Sergei time. Flashback~~ Soma stole Tieria's sweater! Sergei's tie in this scene, wow. Back to present day: DUDE, Lindt slapped Sergei. Dude. Once again, however, I draw parallels to Zeta Gundam and the Titans. Hi, Barack, not Obama. I like that Allelujah's worried about Sumeragi. Soma's like, Louise I used my Newtype powers to read your mind and you still like Saji! Andrei's like, I love you, Louise. Graham is like, "I'M AN ARMY OF ONE." YUU HABU KONTORORU DESU. Kati noticed that this battle's plan is very un-Sumeragi. I've said this before, but Sumeragi and Kati remind me of Murrue and Natarle from Gundam SEED. Saji decides that he wants to help out, but he can't. If he did fire, he would have killed Louise, ironically. Preview: Looks like Allelujah and Soma crash land somewhere. Where have I seen this before? Oh right: with Cagalli and Athrun in Gundam SEED. And heck, Shinn and Stellar in Gundam SEED Destiny (although there was no crashing there, just jumping off a cliff into the ocean).

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Mecha Marshmellow said...

What I'm surprised about is that Ali let them get away. Its not like he didn't notice. You gotta love the Wild Bear for taking that slap, that was pretty manly. Also, Setsuna, come on man, YOU HAVE TO USE TRANS-AM AGAINST A GRUNT SUIT?! he already has GNdrivex10^2 power and he still loses? RAAAGE!

But I'm pretty happy they put in a few CHAR kicks this week.