Sunday, November 2, 2008

Gundam 00 Season 2: Episode 5


Revive Rivival's debut! And speaking of revival... Ali's alive. Grrr. I never liked him, and I don't understand why he's allowed to come back from the dead while characters are not allowed to (let's not argue about this, though). I see that some subbers are translating "Kataron" as Catalan, but Catalan is a real group of people... so I'll continue to use "Kataron". Saji's being handed over to Kataron. And now, random children! Every Gundam series needs random children! Meanwhile, Graham, er, MISTAA BUSHIDO explains to Kati that he can do what ever he wants. Sergei checks in on Soma and asks about Andrei, and Soma tells him that he can be her daddy. Aww. :) Marina plays with the children, and helps out that shy one (it says "disliked" on the wall above his head!). Setsuna watches and remembers his mother. Tieria tells a joke! Saji drives in the desert. Hmmm... reminds me of Mobile Suit Gundam, LOL. Then he gets picked up by the Feddies and punched. Sergei steps in. I think that the A-LAWS = Titans. There are many parallels. Meanwhile, Andrei is bitter and Wang looks better than she was so far this season. The A-LAWS massacre the Kataron base, and Lyle loses his cool while fighting Soma. Epilogue: Setsuna flies Marina back home, and sees the country in ruins. And it's Ali's fault. Preview: Everyone's hearts are broken. I want to know whose hands those are, with the blue sleeves.

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Mecha Marshmellow said...

I wonder is Ali is talking to them, or the audience at the end of this episode. If he sees them they are gonna get PWNT