Monday, December 29, 2008

Gundam 00 Season 2: Episode 13

Some spoilers of key points


I'm not feeling very well, so no summary. Although I'll list some things:

- Marie tells Saji she knows Louise and confirms that she's a pilot.
- Seems like Sumeragi relied on Marie's psychic abilities.
- Tieria called Lyle "Lockon" and Lyle says that he will try and live up to that name.
- They destroyed Momento Mori, and Lindt died.
- Nena helped out Setsuna. Wonder if she'll switch sides at some point.
- This new dude Hercule knows Sergei.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Gundam 00 Season 2: Episode 12

Spoilers, as always.

- I'm not good at summarizing battles, so I won't.
- Ribbons backhands Wang!
- That was nice of Allelujah to call the bridge to let Milenia know that Linda was okay.
- Great, so now Louise thinks that Saji joined CB waaaay back and has been with them for these last four or five years.
- Looks like Ian will be fine.
- And now Saji's punching Setsuna.
- Andrei confronts Louise about the battle, and tells her that he knows that she knows someone with CB.
-Saji almost steals the 00 Raiser to run away and find Louise. She, meanwhile, deletes all her photos of them together. I like the piano version of "Prototype." This episode was kind of boring, though. :(

Monday, December 15, 2008

Gundam 00 Season 2: Episode 11

Oops, I forgot to post this!


Marina plays Santa Claus with the children. Sergei's alive! :) Tieria's hair is magically short again, just as it was magically long. Thanks, GN particles. Sumeragi questions Lasse about his health, because apparently he ain't doing so well. News to us too, Sumeragi. Tieria starts to tell everyone that he's an Innovator too, but Sumeragi grabs him by the shoulder to cut him off. She tells him that he's there comrade. Marina plays the piano with the children. Next week, she'll sing "Fields of Hope." Louise sees Barack-not-Obama's picture of his wife. She apparently died. And the death flags were raised for him too. Lyle flirts with Anew, who will be joining them on the ship. I don't really want Anew x Lyle, kthanx. Marie senses a Newtype flash, not it was not meant for her, it was meant for Anew. There are other people in Celestial Being? WTF? The base is populated with them! Okay, Linda is not joining the ship. I got that wrong again. I thought that she would be the one in the family to die, but then Ian ends up getting injured. Saji, along with his new buddy magenta Haro, goes to find him, and Ian's like, "You, 00 Raiser!" So Saji obliges and everyone's thinks WTF? He meets up with Setsuna, and then Setsuna kills Barack-not-Obama. Epilogue: I CAN SEE TIME, SETSUNA. Actually, Setsuna somehow got mixed up in Saji and Louise's nekkid psychedelic Newtype dream sequence. Now Saji knows that Louise is with the A-LAWS and she knows with with CB.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Gundam 00 Season 2: Episode 10

SPOILERS, as always

So Sumeragi to become a tactical strategist in order to stop wars. And like Murrue and Natarle, Kati hopes that they won't become enemies. Oopsies. What is Seel? Marina angsts for Setsuna, and Kati worries about Sumeragi. EMILIO!! :( Loved the part with Patrick, though. Marie has Newtype flash! Tieria's randomly on the bridge since he's Gundam wasn't ready. And LOLz, the video I'm watching left in the Fullmetal Alchemist trailer. And Roy is drawn more in the manga style (i.e. the non hot style). WHY DO THEY DO THIS TO YOU ROY. Meanwhile, the Ptolemy goes to the secret base and the crew meets Linda. So she wasn't in the background of episode 1. Allelujah says that it's a crime that Ian's wife is so young. They also meet Anew, who was sent to them by Wang. In other words, I don't trust her. (I'm assuming that even though Anew looks like an Innovator, she identifies with being female, like Tieria identifies with being male). And apparently she is super good at a lot of stuff. Marie and Saji have a talk, and then it cuts to Louise freaking out. LOL at Patrick and the popping up behind Kati. :) Ali and Nena have a confrontation! And then Ali goes to speak with Ribbons. Epilogue: Eek, hope that Sergei's okay, although I doubt it. SPARKLIES. The Sparklies bother Tieria in the shower. And cause Hallelujah to return!