Monday, February 25, 2008

Gundam 00: Episode 20


Apparently in the future they can regrow limbs, but not Louise's. It seems that Louise wants Saji to go to space for their dreams. Aww. So Kati has long hair. Interesting. She was just wearing it up earlier in order to look like Natarle. And I guess that Patrick really likes her. It's cute, but Patrick's kind of a goof ball. Now that Ali's shaved, it's hard to tell him about from Alejandro. Until he starts talking, of course. And then Kinue gets herself into some deep troublewith Ali. Saji waits for her at home, and laments the lost of Louise's hand. Meanwhile Kinie lays in a puddle of her own blood. So I was right about Kinue. Is Wang Liu Min a traitor? I can never kept up with this girl.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Gundam 00: Episode 19

Spoilers, yo.

Libbons knows something that Alejandro doesn't. Johann reveals that he knows that Lockon's real name is Neil, and apparently it wasn't the IRA that killed his parents (and his little sister too) - it was the terrorist organization that Setsuna was brainwashed into as a kid. He also says that Sorun (Setsuna's real name) was part of that group. Louise wants Saji to go back to Japan and finish his dream (of going to space). Apparently, she doesn't plan on returning to school. And now a flashback of their love complete with a new insert song. It's very interesting to see how this series shows what could actually happen, involving fuels and energy. I love the confrontation scene between Lockon and Setsuna (with Tieria watching). I have a feeling that Kinue's going to bite the big one in the next episode or so.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Gundam 00: Episode 18

Definitely some spoilers here. Consider yourself warned.

So, I take back all that Saji and Louise hate. I take it all back. I hate Nena now.

I unfortunately already saw the spoiler pics for this episode before I watched they episode, so I knew that the wedding was bombed and Louise lost her left hand. Louise, I am sorry that I hated you. Now I hate Nena. I was trying not to hate Nena when she was first introduced, because a lot of people compared her to Puru, who I like. Kinue paid for some information, so it looks like Saji might be having more problems soon. I have to give Saji made props for going to Spain when he found out that Louise was in the hospital. And oh my God, Saji's running in the hospital. I am sorry for all that smack, guys. :( And he was totally going to propose to her... she she cuts him off because she apparently doesn't remember that she has another hand. Just because you lost the one that most people wear their wedding rings on doesn't mean that you cannot put it on your right hand and marry Saji. Poor poor Saji. :( Luckily, Setsuna has decided that the Trinity siblings are an enemy. But next week Lockon finds something out and decides that Setsuna is an enemy. Hmm.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Gundam 00: Episode 17

This episode was much better than the last episode.

Nena stealing Setsuna's first kiss was very.... interesting. Evil Haro think's the Orange-kun (like Pink-chan, get it?) is her brother. Apparently Orange-kun is missing memories. Who knows, maybe Lockon had to reset Haro. People have been saying that Nena is like Puru, and I can see it a bit. She's genki, but has a mean streak. Michael pushes some of Allelujah's buttons by calling him an "altered human." At least he didn't switch with Hallelujah. Sumeragi's afraid that they're getting "fired." Tieria is mad that Nena's in his secret computer room thing. I have a feeling that Louise's cousin's wedding is going to be bombed. >_< Well, at least Louise will get some characterization.