Sunday, February 3, 2008

Gundam 00: Episode 17

This episode was much better than the last episode.

Nena stealing Setsuna's first kiss was very.... interesting. Evil Haro think's the Orange-kun (like Pink-chan, get it?) is her brother. Apparently Orange-kun is missing memories. Who knows, maybe Lockon had to reset Haro. People have been saying that Nena is like Puru, and I can see it a bit. She's genki, but has a mean streak. Michael pushes some of Allelujah's buttons by calling him an "altered human." At least he didn't switch with Hallelujah. Sumeragi's afraid that they're getting "fired." Tieria is mad that Nena's in his secret computer room thing. I have a feeling that Louise's cousin's wedding is going to be bombed. >_< Well, at least Louise will get some characterization.

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