Monday, February 25, 2008

Gundam 00: Episode 20


Apparently in the future they can regrow limbs, but not Louise's. It seems that Louise wants Saji to go to space for their dreams. Aww. So Kati has long hair. Interesting. She was just wearing it up earlier in order to look like Natarle. And I guess that Patrick really likes her. It's cute, but Patrick's kind of a goof ball. Now that Ali's shaved, it's hard to tell him about from Alejandro. Until he starts talking, of course. And then Kinue gets herself into some deep troublewith Ali. Saji waits for her at home, and laments the lost of Louise's hand. Meanwhile Kinie lays in a puddle of her own blood. So I was right about Kinue. Is Wang Liu Min a traitor? I can never kept up with this girl.

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