Sunday, March 2, 2008

Gundam 00: Episode 21


First of all, I know that Lockon gets injured in this episode. I'm weak when it comes to spoilers. Okay now. Kinue's really dead, and poor Saji has to identify the body. Patrick's so goofy, it's ridiculous. Sumeragi apparently thinks that if she can work better drunk, than so can Christina and Feldt. Apparently Tieria is a robot, er android. Or something. He has this obsession with being "human," and apparently was about to say that he thought that Lockon figured this out. Hmm. Meanwhile, Setsuna has a dream with Marina in it. So, Livonze and Alejandro manage power down the Gundams using Veda. But Sumeragi was able to change the power over to the the ship's back up system. But the Virtue is still down. Uh huh, I think that this is it... prepare for impact!! Holy damn, it's Patrick who does it, trying to get Tieria. But Lockon goes all noble to protect Tieria. sdkghsgiusgfishdf Haro's apparently alright, because he's reporting that Lockon's injured... eeeeeeeee. gsgdfshdfjh So, I'm going to guess that the rumors about Lockon losing his sight are right. And it better just be his sight, and not his life.

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