Sunday, March 9, 2008

Gundam 00: Episode 22


On Friday spoiler pics for were revealed! Lockon is indeed alive... and not blind. Well, not totally blind. Instead, he's like Roy Mustang in the Fullmetal Alchemist movie - he's got an eyepatch. I'm extremely happy he's alive, and not totally blind, but not another eyepatch. Seriously. Some people really like that, but I really don't. Maybe it's because I have a professor with an eyepatch

Comments from watching the episode: Lockon could be healed if he stayed in the "healing pod" but he doesn't want too, because he wants to fight (with Haro's help) and also doesn't want Tieria to be all mopey. Tieria is crying. :( And staring out the window. I really liked the scene with Tieria and Lockon in the hallway. Lockon mentions that it;s human to make mistakes. Feldt noticed that Lockon is kind to everyone, not just her, ie, her feelings are not returned. Still don't know what's up with Wong. Meanwhile, Saji's emo. Ali killed Michael. YES! And then steals his Gundam and kills Johann with pretty sparkles. Even Ali acknowledges that it's pretty. Alejandro and Amuro find a frozen Aelio, and yes, I know that's spelled wrong (reminds me of Dr. Kasshu from G Gundam, a bit), and Alejandro shoots the hell out him with Treize's gun. However, Aelio has a a hologram that gives all GN drive suits an upgrade. Trans-Am. LOLz. I don't like that Lockon's going to piloting next episode. He needs to go in the healing pod. If there's a time lapse between the seasons, Lockon better have been in that pod for the time lapse, and he better be healed in the next season.

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