Monday, December 15, 2008

Gundam 00 Season 2: Episode 11

Oops, I forgot to post this!


Marina plays Santa Claus with the children. Sergei's alive! :) Tieria's hair is magically short again, just as it was magically long. Thanks, GN particles. Sumeragi questions Lasse about his health, because apparently he ain't doing so well. News to us too, Sumeragi. Tieria starts to tell everyone that he's an Innovator too, but Sumeragi grabs him by the shoulder to cut him off. She tells him that he's there comrade. Marina plays the piano with the children. Next week, she'll sing "Fields of Hope." Louise sees Barack-not-Obama's picture of his wife. She apparently died. And the death flags were raised for him too. Lyle flirts with Anew, who will be joining them on the ship. I don't really want Anew x Lyle, kthanx. Marie senses a Newtype flash, not it was not meant for her, it was meant for Anew. There are other people in Celestial Being? WTF? The base is populated with them! Okay, Linda is not joining the ship. I got that wrong again. I thought that she would be the one in the family to die, but then Ian ends up getting injured. Saji, along with his new buddy magenta Haro, goes to find him, and Ian's like, "You, 00 Raiser!" So Saji obliges and everyone's thinks WTF? He meets up with Setsuna, and then Setsuna kills Barack-not-Obama. Epilogue: I CAN SEE TIME, SETSUNA. Actually, Setsuna somehow got mixed up in Saji and Louise's nekkid psychedelic Newtype dream sequence. Now Saji knows that Louise is with the A-LAWS and she knows with with CB.

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