Sunday, November 23, 2008

Gundam 00 Season 2: Episode 8



Oh crap, Regene is inside Tieria head. Neeeeewtypes! Ribbons is not happy. Saji misses Louise. Lasse asks if it's okay that Marie stays on the ship, and Sumeragi's like, I did a background check, fool! And she's Allelujah's "reason for fighting." Millenia just kind of pops in there, LOLZ. This girl is wack. Lyle worries about Kataron. Marina hangs out with the children. HOLY CRAP BALLS, Tieria see Neil in the reflection in the glass, and vision speaks! Tieria's like WTF? LOLZ. It's the ghost of Christmas Past! Feldt kind flies off the handle and is upset that Marie is staying with them. Kati seems suspicious of Soma's "death." PATRICK!!! TAISAAAAAAAA~~~ Gotta love him. Revive is also joining A-LAWS. Oh yeah, those space elevators. They were important, weren't they? Allelujah tells Feldt WE ARE FAMILY! Kati is pissed that Patrick joined A-LAWS. She's worried about him, aww. He joined to protect her, and he has fought the Gundams SEVEN TIMES and survived. He's all like, "I'm the Immortal Colasaur" and I'm like DON'T MAKE PROMISES YOU CAN'T KEEP, PATRICK. Meanwhile, Wang sends a message to the Ptlomey telling them about this awesome A-LAWS party. Tieria says"PICK ME PICK ME." Setsuna says he'll be back up. Good thing that he's only back up, because he's really back about going undercover. Sumeragi's hee hee, going to turn Tieria into a woman! Turns out that Rengene had Wang call them. Feldt apologizes to Marie. Wang gets to the party and thinks LOLz, Sumeragi made Tieria dress like a woman. Lousie chats up Ribbons, who is dressed up like Thomas Jefferson. Andrei is Louise's escort and looking fine. OMG, TIERIA'S FEMALE VOICE. I'm 99% that's Sumeragi's seiyuu. Ribbons asks for a dance, and Tieria switches to his normal male voice, and says, "Everyone knows that the meisters are male. I'm just following my tactical forecasters instructors." I love you, Sumeragi. Meanwhile, Louise has a Newtype flash and meets up with Setsuna in the parking lot. And magically, they remember each other. He tells her that Saji still thinks of her. Then she flips out. Billy comes out and sees Setsuna trying to comfort, and then we get ANGRY BILLY, still mad at him for stealing Sumeragi away and RUINING HIS LIFE. Meanwhile, Ribbons is trying to get Tieria to join THE DARK SIDE. It totally sounds like "Duel of the Fates" from Star Wars is playing. Tieria goes to shoot Ribbons (love where he was keeping the gun), but hits the mirror. Hilling Care shows up, and Tieria jumps out the window. Billy calls the security on Setsuna, who runs away. Andrei tries to comfort Louise, who tries to take her druggie pills. Regene's wearing a suit. LOLz. Epilogue: While in Gundams, returning to the ship, Tieria and Setsuna run into Ali!

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