Sunday, November 30, 2008

Gundam 00 Season 2: Episode 9


Quick question Am I the only one that doesn't like Ali? Now he's busting up my Tieria! Luckily, Sumeragi sends Allelujah and Lyle to help out. Tieria's pissed he didn't get to kill Ali. INNOVATORS. Andrei does some research on Louise. Sumeragi says, "Based on my estimation, it's about time we headed back to space, like practically every other Gundam series." Setsuna tells Saji that he saw Louise. Tieria tells Lyle that Ali killed Neil, and Lyle asks for the details. I'm hoping that he plans Ali's death out a little more carefully than Neil did. Revive agrees with Kati's plan, and Lindt is pissed. Hmm, seems while Lyle respects Neil's decision to take revenge, he doesn't plan on avenging their family's death. Setsuna reveals that he used to belong to the same terrorist organization, and could have stopped the suicide bomber from blowing up the mall that the Dylandys were at. Seems Lyle is more worried about stopping the terrorists from killing more people than avenging the past. This makes Tieria upset. LOL, Billy almost called Mister Bushido Graham. Then he tells him to destroy Celestial Being for him, BECAUSE THEY TOOK AWAY HIS SUMERAGI. Meanwhile, Tieria stares at the window, waiting for Neil, the Ghost of Christmas Past, to return. Marie joins the bridge bunnies for battle, along with Saji. And then, they have a battle while going to space. Kati is so impressed, she sends Sumeragi a text message. Feldt reads it out loud, and Sumeragi (or should I say Leesa Kujo) now knows that Kati's with A-LAWS. We get a few flashbacks to young!Leesa, young!Billy, and young!Kati. Epilogue: Seems Ian's wife Linda is also a scientist. Preview: Linda joins the crew (I swore I saw her in the background of episode 1, but oh well), and there's also someone with lavender hair. Speaking of hair, Tieria gets a shower scene - with long hair.


Mecha Marshmellow said...

I cant wait to see 00's new equipment, so far it's been disappointing for having TWO GN drives.

Harmony said...

can you do some paragraphing ? i'm abit blurred by the pile at times.

dark empyrean said...
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