Monday, November 17, 2008

Gundam 00 Season 2: Episode 7

This is a day late, due to late subs. I could attempt to watch it raw, but my Japanese is worse than the subbers, I hope.


There are MAJOR MAJOR spoilers.

Mister Bushido's first name is Mister. Yay, Sumeragi's awake. Kati's afraid of explaining to Sergei that she lost his daughter. Meanwhile on the island (are they on an island? I'm going to say yes), Soma and Allelujah roll around on the ground (reenacting a certain scene from a certain other Gundam series - only with less crabs). I wish that people would stop calling each other by their full names every time they see each other. Yay, random tent and sleeping bags! I sense telenovela music. Allelujah and Soma (or should I say Marie?) discuss things in their pasts. And get touchy feely. Okay, Allelujah and Hallelujah merged into one, but did Soma and Marie? Because I think that the personality issues should be rectified. I was really liking Soma this season, but it seems as if Marie has taken over completely. Uh oh, Daddy's come to save you! Meanwhile, Klaus and Shirin meet up with a bearded dude that I swear looks like a celebrity in real life. Back on the island, Sergei wants to kill Allelujah, but Marie pulls a Pocahontas. Sergei decides to tell the higher ups that Soma died, and lets Marie stay with Allelujah. And now a musical montage of Soma and Sergei, with song by Tommy heavenly6. Sergei signals Lyle, who finds Allelujah and Marie kissing. Epilogue: Setsuna smiled. Saji noticed and had to point it out. The bridge crew is surprised that Allelujah is coming back with a girlfriend. Meanwhile, Tieria meets Regene and is like HOLY SHIT, YOU LOOK LIKE ME. Preview: Libonze gets ready to party, Allejulah and Marie blush, Tieria traps it up in drag (Laura Rolla?)!!

Some non-summary thoughts: Now, I totally am a romance fan, and I do like romance in my Gundam, but Allelujah and Marie's relationship is waaaaay too rushed. I assumed that they would become canon (and I do like them together), but not that fast. The last time that they actually spent time together was when they were kids, right? Knowing Sunrise, this speed is unfortunately raising death flags.

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