Sunday, October 26, 2008

Gundam 00 Season 2: Episode 4


Some is the one that gave Allelujah his name, so she's the one to blame for it's strangness. Ian's daughter (Millenia?) asks if Setsuna and Marina are lovers, and they're both like "no." In denial, I see, LOL. Feldt's spying on Lyle. Haro like "Feldt likes Lockon!" Lyle decides, hey I'll take you and kisses her, but Feldt slaps him. He's being cruel to her, but he tells Haro it's to make her realize he's not Neil. Lyle's tired of being compared to Neil, and I think that it also makes him a little sad. Meanwhile, Allelujah's like "Let's get drunk, Sumeragi!" If he didn't already have Soma, I'd think he liked her. MISTAA BUSHIDO. For realz. Other masked man had, you know, actual aliases, but Graham is MISTAA BUSHIDO. Also, I realized that Andrei is voiced by Sai from Gundam SEED. Shirin wants to join the troops to look for Marina, and Marina wants Setsuna to come back with her. Ian put Saji to work. Allelujah confides in Sumeragi that he wants to find Soma/Marie, but she reminds him that she is the enemy. Sumeragi tells Allelujah that she doesn't know what she's fighting for. Grr, I still want them to reveal what horrible thing she did in her past. So Hallelujah is gone, it seems. Sumeragi angsts with her CB photo again, and mentions an Emilio, who was according to some official source out there, was a former boyfriend of hers. I sense a rivalry forming between Sumeragi and Kati (Murrue and Natarle, anyone?) Although Sumeragi made it to the bridge and kicked ass. IT'S A GUNDAM! Dude, I think we all know that Mister Bushido is Graham. Marina and Shirin reunion! After the ED: Billy gets his revenge on Sumeragi by joining A-LAWS. Meanwhile, her uniform doesn't fit her, LOL (I will be cosplaying the uniform that does fit her, as seen in the OP, sorry guys). Billy's like REVENGE. Preview: Things get blown up.


soul^blade said...

MR BUSHIDOOOO HAHAHA. damn what a lousy nickname

Sidney said...

:( I like Soma, kinda, but I really hope he, (Alle) ends up with Sumeragi, I think they suite each other, and you can't tell me you don't think that they haven't...uh... already ;p