Monday, January 26, 2009

Gundam 00 Season 2: Episode 16


- Hercules takes over the Africa Tower.
- Sergei's back in that sweater and flashback to a time when he was hot, and we get to see his wife.
- LOL, the little robots!
- Louise and Andrei talk about Hercules, and then he has a flashback of his own.
- Sergei's been sent to tell Hercules to surrender.
- Hercules let's the civilians go, but the Federation edits the video to lie to the public.
- Meanwhile, Setsuna starts his fight with Graham Bushido.
- Then the Ptomely shows up and Bushido's like, "Bye!"
- Then, Gundam hug.
- A lot of people said that we got trolled with this episode, but honestly, I prefer more plot development instead of fighting.
- Epilogue: Like the Death Star, they built a new Momento Mori!
- Preview: is that Johann I see at the end? [/Monster reference]

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