Sunday, February 1, 2009

Gundam 00 Season 2: Episode 17

Spoilers like whoa.

- We find out what Sergei did that got Holly killed.
- Apparently Ribbons's secret hide out is in the Antarctic, and he created Regene. Saji gets to pilot the 0O Raiser again.
- The orbital tower is starting to fall apart!
- Everyone works together to destroy the pieces before they hit the people on Earth.
- SoMarie (I saw someone use this on LJ, and I'm going to use it as well. Too many Marie's in my fandoms) gets to pilot the GN Archer, which looks kind of like a GM.
- Sergei shows up too, and SoMarie says hi.
- But after the debris is destroyed, Andrei kills Hercules and then, his father. In front of SoMarie. He might have wanted revenge for his mother, but I think that she'll want revenge for her almost adopted father.
- Based off of the preview, it looks like there will be a short time jump of four months.

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