Sunday, February 15, 2009

Gundam 00 Season 2: Episode 19


- Last week's cliffhanger's resolution was kind of crappy. Klaus had a machine gun, guys. Our heroes are safe, for the moment, anyway.
- And look, a secret passageway. I'm reminded of Gundam SEED Destiny... episode 8, I think.
- Marina will not take the gun.
- Allelujah will not stop calling Soma "Marie."
- GN Particle party! Which means that Hallelujah comes for a visit!
- The peeps on the ship can hear Setsuna's voice.
- Saji and Louise have a Newtype like meeting.
- Andrei interrupts them, and then Soma finds him.
- Shirin and Marina find the end of the tunnel, and Shirin tells Marina she's a hindrance because she won't carry a gun. Um, what about the children, Shirin? You want them to carry guns too?
- Sumeragi and meisters question their captive, Revive.
- Lyle notices that he looks like Anew.
- Meanwhile, Anew pulls a gun on Lasse on the bridge. Seems that Ribbons made her do it.
- And Nena kills Wang and Hong Long by destroying their ship.
- I wonder how the Anew thing is handled. We shall see.

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