Sunday, February 22, 2009

Gundam 00 Season 2: Episode 20


- Sumeragi and the meisters question Revive about Veda.
- Feldt calls Sumeragi from the bridge to tell them that Anew has shot Lasse (poor Lasse) and has taken Millenia hostage, and said she's an Innovator. So they let Revive go, and Sumeragi holds Lyle back.
- Soma finds Anew and Millenia and orders her not to take a step forward. Nice. Lyle and Setsuna make it over there, and Lyle agrees to go with Anew. Setsuna takes Soma's gun and shoots Lyle in the shoulder. Lyle snags Millenia it turns out that it was part of their plan.
- Now Gundam battle time! Lyle has some flashbacks to his relationship with Anew. Would have been nice to you, know, actually have those scenes in the series!
- Anew says that she really loves Lyle.
- Ribbons tells Louise that he will have to get her new medicine.
- Oh, new Fullmetal Alchemist trailer! Looks good!
- Everyone is angsty.
- Setsuna tells Lyle that he'll kill Anew so that he doesn't have to. Thanks, Setsuna. I'm sure Lyle feels all better now!
- Sumeragi is bad at piloting the ship.
- Of course, Lyle and Anew meet on the battlefield. He tells her that he's going to "make her his woman again." Er, nice choice of words there, Lyle.
- Ribbons, of course, pings her and controls her. So Setsuna kills her.
- And Lyle and Anew have a naked Newtype sequence.
- Yeesh, that was depressing. Yuna Ito added to it. "I love you, I trust you." Even though I don't think their relationship was handled well, it's still sad.
- Epilogue: Screaming by Lyle as he beats up Setsuna.
- Preview: Damn, Wang and Hong Long are still alive.

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