Sunday, March 22, 2009

Gundam 00 Season 2: Episode 24

Spoilers, as always

- Second to the last episode!
- Apparently Tieria isn't an Innovator, but an Innovade.
- Meanwhile, showdown with Billy and Sumeragi.
- Elsewhere, Lyle fights Ali, Allelujah says "Marie" a lot, and Lasse coughs up blood.
- Setsuna tells Saji to go take Louise to a safe place.
- Tieria gets shot by Ribbons, multiple times. Nooooooooo...
- Saji gets Louise to wake up, and then she chokes him. Then she sees the ring on his necklace and flips. They wrestle a bit, and her glove comes off, and he sees that she's wearing her ring. Setsuna talks to them through their minds~~. Then she faints.
- Setsuna then hears Sumeragi, and we switch over to them. And the rest of the crew. I'm reminded of the end of Mobile Suit Gundam, when Amuro is calling out to everyone.
- And now time for Trans-Am Burst! And GN particles and voices in their heads for everyone!
- Sumeragi manages to talk to Billy and they hug. I'm not a huge fan of that pairing, but hey, at least he didn't kill her.
- SoMarie talks to Andrei (through their minds) and tells him that while she cannot forgive him, she will not kill him because Sergei wouldn't have wanted her to.
- Awww, Saji and Louise.
- Regene has taken over Veda and won't like Ribbons link.
- And Tieria has apparently melded into Veda too.
- Ali and Lyle jump out of their Gundams, and Lyle shoots Ali dead. Woot!
- Setsuna finds Tieria's body, but Tieria's like, "I'm in the computer!"
- Now Setsuna must fight Ribbons in the finale!

This was good episode. Now let's hope that everyone manages to survive the finale. I'm a little sad about Tieria basically dying, but he's in the computer, which is better than nothing.

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