Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Why didn't she come to Fanime? *cries*

Kotono Mitsuishi was at Animazement this weekend. I wish that she was at Fanime. She's Murrue's voice actress, and it totally would have been awesome to meet her (especially while cosplaying Murrue). Keiko Han (Lalah's voice actress) and Mitsuo Fukuda (the director of Gundam SEED and Gundam SEED Destiny) were there too. Apparently, very few people attended the panel.

I found a transcription of the Gundam panel here, but I'll copy the important parts here:

For Kotono Mitsuishi, she talked about her role as Murrue Ramius and the pink Haro. Mitsuishi talked about how Ramius was a female captain and she wasn’t sure how to perform the role, but she was glad to find out that Ramius was a strong but delicate person. It was challenging and interesting. She also recalled meeting Fukuda in Dendou and how he told her that she may be called in again to do a captain role. Then Mitsuishi recalled her first meeting with Keiko Han being an older sister figure (not quite like mom, but).

Q2: Are there any plans to continue the Seed series?

MF: I can’t say there are no plans, but there is nothing official right now about that.


I'm thinking that maybe the SEED movie isn't going to happen. Oh well.

Q3: Why did you choose Mitsuishi for the voice over for the previews?

MF: I can’t remember how it went but Morosawa (writer) was the person writing the previews. One of the rule for the preview is that they have to have the “gundam” phrase in every one of them. It was tough for her (Morosawa is the wife) to do that.

Q3: So why did you choose Mitsuishi…

MF: Captain Ramius… In Dendou, the character Vega was captain for a short time. I thought she would be good for that role. After that I thought she would be perfect for Ramius. It also just happened the role for the captain does the voiceover.

Q5: Can you do the Ramius line where you launch the Archangel?

KM: "All hands to battle stations, Archangel hasshin!"

Q8: I think Seed is the first Gundam series with a female captain of a ship. Was it intentional and are you aware you are laying the groundwork for future female captains?

MF: It’s not a big deal these days. After seeing Captain Janeway from Star Trek Voyager, I thought you can do a female captain just fine. That is how I decided how it would work in Seed.

MF: “I like Star Trek Old Series.”


You can read the rest of the interview at the link I posted above.

But seriously, she should have come to Fanime instead. *cries*

Fanime Photos coming soon!

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