Monday, March 2, 2009

Gundam 00 Season 2: Episode 21


- Saji asks Setsuna if he had to kill Anew. Setsuna says yes, and also mentions that something is confusing Louise. Saji says that Setsuna is somehow different. Yeah, his eyes are glowing! Of course, Setsuna's becoming an Innovator. I had a feeling this might happen...
- The crew decides to go to Lagrange 5.
- Wang is still alive for the time being.
- Soma and Allelujah get in a fight because he wants her to pilot the ship.
- Lyle apologizes to Setsuna, but then draw a gun on him. He wants to crush the Innovators.
- Setsuna and Saji go to where the message was sent from.
- Shirin finds Klaus, but he's injured. DO NOT DIE, KLAUS. He says they should go to space, and that everyone loves Marina's song. So they go and pick up Marina and the kids.
- Wang yells at Hong Long for being stupid. Clears some stuff up, though.
- Nena comes and shoots at Wang, but Hong Long takes the bullet. Mmmm, watcha say. Ooo, Regene is with her.
- Setsuna finds Wang and gets Veda's coordinates from her. She doesn't want to go back with him, though.
- Waiting for Setsuna is... Graham! Without a mask! Finally!
- Nena kills Wang (this time I'm sure).
- Ribbons talks through Nena's Haro.
- But then Louise comes and kills her! In the end... Louise reminded me of Four or Stellar...
- Epilogue: Setsuna and Graham fight and use Trans-Am... so they have naked sparkle time.
- Preview: Marina and the children go to spaaaace!


gilbert said...

Hi kriten

hmn... we have the same interest huh.

I guess there will be season 3 of gundam00. what do you think? as setsuna goes to innovation, aeola's plan would probably succeed. humans will advance into space; an introduction to a space colony (maybe)... ( notice every gundam series is all about war of earth and space colony. hope it doesnt go that way hehehe..

lets be friends kristen.. i collect gundam toys... hope you are too... email me soon

empe said...


it's the first time for me that i saw a girl love watching gundam

hey hey hey
i love gundam too. and you know, my gf always says "my mr boy" for me when me watching gundam.


i've already watched gundam since SEED and collecting some gunplas is my hobby.. rrrr.. just 3 gunplas :p

well, nice to meet you dahh :D