Tuesday, June 5, 2007

First Post, yay!

Hello, blogging world!

My name is Kristen, but I go by Mirai on the internet. I am a major geek and whatnot, and yeah.

I have used for LiveJournal for, gosh, four years, but I haven't actually had a real blog.

Anyway, my Japanese professor encouraged us to make blogs to stay in touch over the summer. Well, I was already logged into my Gmail account, so I decided to make two separate blogs - one for the fandom side of me, and one for Japanese. So this is the fandom side.

I am still unsure what to put here, because, as I said before, I use LiveJournal, and therefore type most of my Gundam rants and whatnot there. But I will find a use for this one day, I promise.

Bye for now!

~Mirai :)

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