Monday, March 30, 2009

Gundam 00 Season 2: Episode 25 (Finale)

I was so excited yesterday that I forgot to post this!!!

Spoilers, per usual.

- Ribbons vs. Setsuna.
- Lasse returns to the bridge.
- SoMarie is in a healing pod.
- Looks like Allelujah and Hallelujah keep switching. He defeats Hilling.
- Lyle manages to defeat Revive.
- Tieria contacts Ribbons through Veda and like "YOU ARE WRONG!"
- Ribbons manages to steal Setsuna's solar furnace, though. He decides to switch mobile suits, and finds the 0 Gundam... the one that looks like the RX-78-2. "This is destiny!" Of course it is, Amuro.
- And Setsuna hops back into Exia, his one true love.
- Marina writes Setsuna a letter. Of course. She is princess once more. Looks like she adopted the children.
- The credits start. Marina gives a speech, and you can see some Innovators in the audience.
- Saji and Louise are together, aww.
- Looks like Klaus and Shirin have become senators.
- Andrei's still in the military.
- Patrick x Kati wedding!! WOOT.
- Graham's hanging out with Billy.
- Lyle visits his family and Anew's graves. *sniff*
- SoMarie and Allelijah go backpacking.
- Tieria watches over everyone in Veda.
-"Daybreak's Bell" plays as we see Celestial Being again.
- That's the end. ONLY NOT. Movie in 2010, starring... Jupiter!

I did really like the ending. It was very hopeful. I loved the wedding scene, and I liked that Marina wrote Setsuna a letter. It helps tie the two seasons together. It was nice to have a Gundam series without the "Kill 'em Tomino" ending. I have nothing against Tomino, of course, but I do love the happier endings. :D

I still prefer not to have movie, though, because the ending was so good...


Until the movie(s), this is Kristen signing off.


Carolina said...

Hi girliee.. I like your blog!!! I like Gundam Seed too.!! And I'm a cosplayear tooo.. and I love the J-pop too!!! and I lovee HP too..!!! and I studying the university too!!! and I like to read books a lot too!!! and I'm a writter.. =) Im from Mexico. hehehe... Greetings.. Your cosplay is so cutee!!! I like it!! Post me Byee byeee

MiSSDEMOUR said...

When does the movie come out? I'm intrested in watching it. LoL. Of course, I'll probably have to wait until its subbed/dubbed whatev. :P