Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Finally, I have seen every Gundam series! Well, until Gundam 00 debuts in October.

Turn A Gundam wasn't as weird as I was expecting. It certainly had it's weird times, though. Tomino, as was every alternate universe Gundam series director, was striving for something different. And he definitely made something different.

This series often lacks the typical Gundam feeling I get from other Gundam series. It's post-apocalyptic is definitely one of the causes. However, this is one of the keys to making it an alternate universe. While a lot of the themes were similar to other Gundam series, the presentation was unique. I think that one has to watch this series with an open mind to fully appreciate it. I know that I didn't, though, which was my own problem.

However, I did like it better than Victory Gundam, because the majority of the cast was happy at the end. And I decided that I like Harry and Kihel. :)

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