Monday, September 3, 2007

Me no likey at all

According to Gunota (the most awesome Gundam news blog ever - check it out), Gundam 00 is going to be split into two, a la Code Geass. I do not like this idea whatsoever. You do not split Gundam into two. It is one of the Ten Commandments. Thou shall not split Gundam.

Not to mention, and I'm just going to say this - I don't like Code Geass. I watched it for awhile, and then decided that it wasn't my cup of tea. But now there's going to be even more comparisons between it and Gundam 00. And I don't want that.

I actually in a really poopy mood (yes, I know that this deserves to go in my LiveJournal, but whatever). There's the splitting thing, and I've been having to defend my love for Morning Musume and Hello!Project. Yes, I'm a fan, and no, I'm not a perv. And then there is the eternal debate over rather Mwu should have stayed dead in Gundam SEED Destiny. I'm a Murrue x Mwu fan, so I think you already know my answer. But it's an old argument that I don't plan on writing about, at least for now.


Courtney said...

I love your blog! Actually, I found your blog through Blogger abnd we share a lot of the same interest in music and the like.

Mirai said...

Thanks countney! I'm glad you like it. :) I checked out your blog, and yeah, we do like a lot of the same music! :D