Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Gundam 00: Episode 11

As always, some spoilers.





Tieria is a jerk. Again. We learn that Sumeragi really does have a drinking problem. Louise and Saji, along with Louise's mother, do not play any important part in the story thus far. Saji's sister on the other hand, is actually doing something. Tieria apparently goes into that "room" and can sync with it (Veda?) and spy on peoples (Sumeragi and Allelujah). Does Allelujah have a "Newtype" connection with other Super Soldiers? Happy birthday to Allelujah! :D

It is a little sad that main character gets such little development in this series. Lockon and Allelujah are much more interesting, and heck, so is Tieria, even though he is a jerk. At least it looks like we get some Setsuna and Marina scenes next episode.

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