Monday, August 20, 2007

The voice says it all.

The cast for Gundam 00 is out. The guy who played Tamaki in Ouran High Host Club and Light in Death Note is voicing Setsuna, which could be either good or bad. Good, because I love Tamaki, and bad, because I hate Light. And Tiera is a guy, since the dude who played Takemoto in Honey and Clover is playing him. I thought that maybe he was going to end up being a girl, uncover as a boy. But I thought wrong. Lockon's seiyuu is the same guy that voices Urahara on Bleach. It seems like a good fit, based off of how Lockon looks. :)

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Michi-Chan said...

The voice actor for Tamaki is awesome.

I hate Light too.