Monday, August 13, 2007

I'm back.

Okay, I've been back for awhile, but now I really am going to post things.

I'm still trudging along with Turn A Gundam. It just doesn't seem like a Gundam series to me, sorry. I understand that a lot of people think it's awesome, but perhaps leaving it for last has led to have certain expectations when it comes to Gundam.

That being said, let's take a look at Gundam 00.

First, check out the info on Gunota, and form your own opinion.

Okay, now for mine:

*I already don't like that the captain of the ship isn't really a "captain". Reminds me too much of Bright and Murrue. And while I love them to death, I'd really like the captain to be different. Well, Murrue is very different in character from Bright. But I was kind of wishing for a more Gundam X set up in the way of captain. While it seems that the captain-lady is non-military, she's got this (I'm just going to say it), "I've got to be sexier than Murrue!1" vibe I don't like. But this is bad, since the captain character is often my favorite.

* All the girls seem to be boobalicious. Fanservice much?

*Other character's include a celebrity (Lacus, anyone) and a princess (because you can't have Gundam without one). The fact that there is a celebrity and a princess is waaaaay too SEED for me. The celebrity is Chinese and aged 17. The princess is luckily 24. We've also got some students in there (SEED again?!)

*Haro (yes, Haro) is yellow-orange in this series Mobile Suit Gundam size, and is... wait for it... Lockon's partner! Lockon's the oldest and he gets the Haro! At least the Haro's in every timeline, go to different types of characters. Maybe he will tell Haro his secrets, LOL.

Well, I'm going to try and watch this series with an open mind, but that's going to be hard.


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