Sunday, November 11, 2007

Gundam 00: Episode 6

Woot, Gundam 00 is really got the ball rolling now!

Some mild spoilers~~~

They didn't really touch upon the Newtype-ish thing this week.... Poor Allelujah has been locked in a padded cell all this time. Notice that the ship has a padded cell... does this happen often? The girls on this show sure have a lot of outfits! And damn, they drink a lot on this show. And not just alcohol. Everything from coffee to mixed drinks. Also, Patrick is pretty funny.

I am really interested it knowing what's up between Billy and Sumeragi. I am also interested in the "incident" that happened, and how they were involved in it. Graham seems to think that Sumeragi was a strategic planner at this incident. Ali is an interesting addition to the series, and I'm hoping for more flashbacks soon. This episode was pretty good, but not as good a five. Maybe combine the two for one really good episode.

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